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Mounted plasma on the wall, who’s the biggest fan of all?

Over the years, Nintendo fans (especially children of the 80s who were growing up right as the NES was released) have amassed quite the impressive collection of systems, games, controllers, and other peripherals. Some would call this business I’ve got

Apple declares itself winner of handheld gaming

“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.” So goes a common saying warning us about the ease with which statistical data can be manipulated to arrive at just about any conclusion one could desire. According to

Ever Damage Your DS Touch Screen?

There are a lot games released on the Nintendo DS that heavily use the touch screen as the only means of control. Most likely a majority of you have atleast played on of these games. So I have a question

Infendo Radio 191 gets International

Netflix is finally heading up to the great white north – Canada.  What does this mean for Wii owners?  Will console streaming be available internationally? And what’s up with those crazy European release dates, and what can their history tell

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West English Trailer

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West is the second game in the Hotel Dusk series. It is the last game by the game company CING that went bankrupt earlier this year. Last Window: The Secret of Cape West, known

Last Window: The Secret of Cape West

According to a recent article by IGN about Metroid Other M, some small but titillating info was released on the fate of CINGS follow up to Hotel Dusk. While only a small bit of information given, what we do know