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Nintendo Releases Shipment Numbers of 3 Top Franchises

Nintendo has recently released data showing the worldwide shipment figures for three of it’s coveted franchises: Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Mario Kart.  The charts below show the units shipped in millions.  and start from the franchise beginnings

Nintentunes can’t get enough Skyward Sword, so it’s an all Zelda edition!

Today I finished what may be one of the finest Zelda adventures yet in Skyward Sword, and to celebrate this edition of Nintentunes is all Zelda, all the time! This time we will travel through the handheld versions of the

Nintentunes is here to help sooth your Halloween party hangover, with music!

Gameboy – Avenging Spirit One of my favorite elements of the Nintendo download services is the ability to download classic games. When the eShop Gameboy version of Avenging Spirit was released a few months ago for the 3DS eShop, I

More portable developers defecting from Nintendo

Here’s another sign that developers are doubting the 3DS’s future as a mobile gaming device: Long-time Nintendo second party developer Level-5 has announced they’ll start porting and/or shifting development to iOS devices. Ouch. Could this be one last hooray?

Nintentunes: Labor day edition

Gameboy – Sword of Hope 2 Sword of Hope was known along with Final Fantasy Legend as one of the first RPGs to appear on the Game Boy. Kemco later released a sequel to the title, and although I don’t

Nintentunes handheld edition: all the great tunes now available in your pocket!

Gameboy – X One of the great things about Nintendo handhelds circa 2008 was their ability to play games from other regions without having to worry about the game being region locked. Although X was never released outside of Japan,