Super Scribblenauts for DS adds Adjectives

How many of you bought and played the heck out of the first game? I know I did, and I have to say the formula really hasn’t changed, but the some of the game play and puzzle elements have.

Super Scribblenauts a game being developer by Warner Bros Interactive. They have taken everything about the first game and have made it even cooler. Listening to the fans to give you D-Pad and button controls over Maxwell, as well as adding and expanding upon the various duplicate items in the dictionary.

However, the most unique thing about Super Scribblenauts is the ability to give ‘Adjectives’ to the items you create, changing their properties and what they do.

From what I gathered from the little bit of the demo I played. I had to give a man in the game the properties of a Dragon. In all honesty, if you weren’t born a dragon, how would you do that? Spawn wings? and put them on him? that would work I guess, but what about the ability to change the skin color or add scales?

Well thanks to Adjectives, you can now create specific potions that do just thank. Creating a potion that changes the man green, and gives him scales and wings, you can solve the puzzle. Yet, how much further can adjectives change the way the game is played is unkown. I was just told to expect some amazing things.

What do you think about Super Scribblenauts?

4 Responses to Super Scribblenauts for DS adds Adjectives

  1. gamecollector44 says:

    I think I’m going to buy it. :3

  2. Abysmal says:

    I think it sounds just super! ;D

    Sorry guys, I had to if no one else was going to.

    Seriously though, I felt kind of limited without having adjectives, so I think this game has some great potential.

  3. Apkaz says:

    This game sounds absolutely magnificent! Altough I wanted regular ScribbleNauts the day I knew about it. It is even worse now because I know about Super ScribbleNauts and we have to wait THREE MONTHS. Well I really do want the game. Some things I would like to have is a a RADIOACTIVE PREGNANT COLOSSAL GOLDEN TODDLER. Roflol ( roll on the floor laughing out loud). Lol having that would be awesome! Cant wait to hav the game. Even though the first game kinda wasn’t great because of controls and not being able to make your own ind of map! But it is awesome because you will find those things in Super ScribbleNauts!

    Sincerally, Apkaz

  4. Apkaz says:

    Lol I mean to say just one a before the RADIOACTIVE PREGNANT GOLDEN TODDLER!

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