Infendo Radio 191 gets International

Netflix is finally heading up to the great white north – Canada.  What does this mean for Wii owners?  Will console streaming be available internationally? And what’s up with those crazy European release dates, and what can their history tell us about the North American release of the Nintendo 3DS?  This and more, on this week’s edition of Infendo Radio!

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  1. The radio feed hasn’t updated yet 🙁 Looks like I’ll be manually ‘Save Link As’ing

  2. Internet usage in Canada has a monthly bandwidth limit. In other words, there is a limit to how much we can upload and download each month. It will force people to upgrade to more expensive service plans to accommodate for the higher bandwidth. 🙁

  3. Richufc: We’re seeing it as updated here – check your link, we changed our feed location and there may be a few redirection glitches.

  4. encore merci pour les informations

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