Lufia: Curse Of The Sinistrals heads Stateside

Guess what guys, it’s not even E3 and I’m already excited because Lufia is back!! Lufia was a small time RPG that spawned 2 titles on the Super Nintendo and one Game Boy Color. For those of you who don’t know, It’s a game that tells the tale of a land over the curse of a few centuries and it somehow is always tied to these four cursed fiends, known as the Sinistrals.

According the info relayed in a press release by Natsume, The Sinistrals, are out to resurrect the ultimate evil and bring the world to its knees. It’s up to Maxim and his eclectic band of adventurers to put a stop to them once and for all. Their adventures will take them across an expansive world packed with dangerous enemies, powerful items, and diabolical puzzles!

With six playable characters to choose from, each with their own special abilities and attacks. Players will need to master them all if they want to stand a chance against the game’s fierce enemies and towering bosses that fill both screens!

While it may not be the Lufia we all remember, a Natsume rep told me to consider it a re-imagining of the series more so than a remake of a game. Screen shots after the break.

The question remains… Will it be the same Lufia from the past?

4 Responses to Lufia: Curse Of The Sinistrals heads Stateside

  1. EdEN says:

    Well, that’s a nice surprise. I do most of my gaming on the DS nowadays so more releases like this is always a good thing.

  2. Abysmal says:

    Yes! I used to love the Lufia games on the SNES, so I was so excited when this was announced. I was worried it would never make it over here.

  3. I just started playing the first Lufia game on an emulator. I might buy this if i get into it.

  4. Gregory Weagle says:

    The answer is no in if it’s the same as in Lufia 2. Indura is in this version a Lezard clone and I don’t think Camu is even involved this time. I look forward to the new game though because I do love the remade designs and I’m always game for an Action-RPG. I just find it a little strange that Natume is publishing it considering that Taito is part of Square-Enix now. I guess Natsume still owns the rights to Lufia 2 in America.

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