Celebrate 23 years of Super Mario Bros. 3 with The Wizard

Over at The League of Dead Films, today’s movie of the day is the 1989 classic, The Wizard. This film is near and dear to Infendo, so celebrate today’s anniversary of the 1988 release of Super Mario Bros. 3 with this snapshot of a bygone era.

Off-topic: This science fiction demotivation poster is all sorts of funny

I understand this has been floating around message boards for a while, but I still chuckled upon seeing it. Have a great weekend, everyone.

Official Tron message board: Did you see it?

I shirked work this morning to watch an early bird screening of Tron: Legacy. AWESOME. You planning on seeing the movie tonight? If so, swing back here after you watch it and let us know what you thought. As for me, I think it’s better than The Matrix, and a lot more fun. 1000x better than the original Tron. You?

Scott Pilgrim Tanking at the Box Offices

The first “true” video game movie isn’t doing to well at the box offices, according to sales data. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World only managed to pull in a measly 10 million over opening weekend; which isn’t exactly cutting it for the movie with a 60 million budget. Strangely enough, if you guys didn’t already know this, this is one of the few movies that Miyamoto has gi...

Eternal Diva gets DVD release in Europe

It seems that Manga Entertainment is releasing Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva on DVD and Blu-Ray in the UK on October 4th. The film will be released in a few ways. A disc-only DVD, and a disc only Blu-Ray editions. There will also be a phantasmagorical collector’s edition which comes in both a DVD, and Blu-Ray formats, and features gorgeous packaging and even includes an art book full...

What if Earthbound… was a Movie?

[youtube][/youtube] Thoughts?


My Wii Netflix disc happened to ship the same day I cancelled my Xbox Live Gold account (I was really only using it to stream Netflix movies). Which reminds me, anyone else in Infendo land having a Wii Netflix disc shipped to them? Why or why not? Lack of HD an issue? Having to use a physical disc is an annoyance? All decent arguments, and I’m just trying to get a sense of what a Nintendo co...

Layton Movie could be heading Over Seas

It seems that Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva could be heading over seas sometime in the future. This all comes with speculation due to the recent Professor Layton web page on Encore Films.  The website contains information about the film and the game series, as well as information about the movie being shown in Japanese theaters with Chinese and English Subtitles. While there is no confirm...

Rumor: Netflix streaming coming to Wii, iPhone very soon

A quick confession: I watch more TV shows and movies on my Xbox 360 than I play games. I don’t know why this is exactly. I guess I can only play a game where I’m shooting things so many times before I realize, hey, I’m still playing games where I’m shooting things. But anyway. More seriously, and more apt for this site, Netflix is rumored to be eyeing both the iPhone and th...