What if Earthbound… was a Movie?


15 Responses to What if Earthbound… was a Movie?

  1. Andy says:

    I think it would make a great movie

  2. Andy says:

    earthbound is my fav game of all time

  3. bOB says:

    I’d watch it. The video was very well done.

  4. EdEN says:

    For a fake trailer it already looks way better than most movies out there.

  5. nin says:

    if it did happen, i don’t know if i’d let it be put in the hands of Disney lol

  6. @ nin,

    I thought the same exact thing.

  7. gamecollector44 says:

    Should Disney get ahold of it? …no. But I’m all for Jerry Bruckheimer helping with it. (I would SO see this movie!)

  8. Marcus says:

    Good editing, if nothing else.

    Nice that they pulled a bit from a Sorcerer’s Apprentice trailer, I’ll give them credit for the quick turnaround in that.

  9. muggy8 says:

    i almost thought this was a real trailer until i read the comments XD

  10. Rory says:

    ‘the goonies” was in there too….good stuff, well done…personally I would like to see a “Metroid” movie, with some unknown bombshell as Samus. Mix “Alien” style anamatronix with todays CG, me thinks good stuff would happen…

  11. nin says:

    the ridley fight would be epic

  12. yellow bear says:

    as everyone can already tell it just has clips from other movies aka journey to the center of the earth diary of a wimpy kid and a couple others but you did a great job of editing it.

  13. Kirafrog says:

    i would pick dreamworks to make it lol

  14. Josh says:

    A movie of Earthbound would be awesome, but the trailer doesn’t looke very “Earthboundy”

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