Scott Pilgrim Tanking at the Box Offices


The first “true” video game movie isn’t doing to well at the box offices, according to sales data. Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World only managed to pull in a measly 10 million over opening weekend; which isn’t exactly cutting it for the movie with a 60 million budget.

Strangely enough, if you guys didn’t already know this, this is one of the few movies that Miyamoto has given the thumbs up too. The director of the movie gave him a special screening at E3 2010 so that he could approve some “Nintendo” elements in the movie. So if Miyamoto’s approval isn’t enough… I don’t know what is. It’ll be sad if this movie tanks, which is unfair considering it’s a pretty good movie.

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  1. Don’t feel too bad. It will have a huge cult following and it’ll make up for it in DVD/Blu-Ray sales.

  2. I find it hard to believe how the box office turned out; it seems like everyone I know has seen it except for me.

    Maybe if it was in 3D it would’ve made $15M. (sarcasm .. sort of)

  3. btw, if you haven’t seen it yet, SEE IT. SEE IT TWICE.

  4. @david

    geeze this is 2010 here. even the shittiest movies are getting 3d(step-up 3d)

    i would have went to see it but im stuck in a little town for a while. too bad its not doing good 🙁

  5. I’ve seen it once it once at Comic-Con and twice once it hit theaters. Everyone needs to see this movie. You’ll all regret “discovering” it on DVD later on.

  6. Niche niche niche…

    Don’t tell me you didn’t expect this? I mean, the movie has niche written all over it. I mean I was hanging out in the city with a buddy and out days and when I suggest to see SPVtW, I get weird faces from all three of them.

    They ended up loving it, but the only reason we saw it was because it was late and that was the last showing.

  7. I agree with Jake. This movie will have long legs on DVD/Blu, and when you factor in all other streams of revenue (overseas ticket sales, etc.), it will be profitable. It also absolutely deserves consideration for a film editing Oscar, but something tells me the “video game movie” won’t be taken seriously by Hollywood.

  8. Well the lead actor is a dork, and the female lead is only cute at best. This is America, not Japan, the commercial is oozed with silliness, cuteness, or just plain weird. You know, the movie is kinda gay.

  9. Well, to be fair, he didn’t ‘approve’ the movie. He ‘approved’ the Nintendo elements of it. :/

  10. @RoyalRook

    Since when does a movie being quirky and fun = “kinda gay”? And a movie overloading with personality has nothing to do with which country it comes from.

    Used to be people would actually see the movie before they actually decided how they felt about it.

  11. It looks interesting, but it doesn’t look $21 for two tickets interesting. The main character doesn’t do it for me, though I’ll take the girlfriend anyday.

    I’ll rent it on DVD, but what video game is it based off of anyway?

  12. That movie was great, i am going to see it a second time!

  13. It’s funny. Even though the film references Nintendo games constantly, the wicked awesome game based off the movie/books is PS3/360 only.

    Lmao @ irony

  14. Comments from a Nintendo fan who read the first four Scott Pilgrim comics before getting bored and hasn’t seen the movie:

    How is this a “true” video game movie? It’s a movie about a nerdy guy, which happens to have a bunch of video references sprinkled in so they can milk the nostalgia factor for all it’s worth. Amazing how fans will shell out their money to hear some Zelda noises and see Final Fantasy references. This is not a movie about a video game (although they did make a video game based on the comics).

    Anyway, I read the comics and I honestly don’t see what the big deal is. Seems like the author’s formula was “Make everyone fight and date each other, add some Mario sound effects, sell movie rights, PROFIT.”

  15. I blame it on Michael Cera. I think people are getting a bit tired of his act; he’s as one-dimensional as they come. His act was funny when he was George Michael on Arrested Development, but 7 years later he pretty much plays the exact same character in every movie he’s in. The shy, dorky geek with the sarcastic commentary who plays a loner trying to get a girl. Superbad, Nick and Nora’s Inifite Playlist, Juno, Youth In Revolt….always the same basic character.

  16. that sucks i liked this movie wish it did better