Ocarina soundtrack arrives; blows mind.

If you registered a copy of Ocarina 3D quickly enough, you stood a good chance of guaranteeing a free copy of the game soundtrack. The CDs are shipping, and mine arrived this weekend. No complaints or nitpicks here: this is an extraordinarily perfect bonus. This is exactly what a game soundtrack CD should be, and it blows the pants off the disappointing Mario history soundtrack included with the Mario anniversary Wii set.

In fact, when Nintendo’s site described this disc as containing 51 tracks, I immediately suspected they’d do what they did with Mario and make half the selections sound effect samples.

But, no–This is the real deal: the tracks are all music, and all wonderful. Though many run less than a minute, the entire set adds up to a terrific 67 minute ride through Ocarina’s unforgettable themes.

Wouldn’t it be great if every Nintendo game offered a soundtrack like this? And why, oh why do they not release their music on iTunes…or sell it directly online? Sigh. Here’s the track list:

Title Theme
Deku Tree
Fairy Flying
Kokiri Forest
Inside the Deku Tree
Boss Battle
Hyrule Field Main Theme
Kaepora Gaebora’s Theme
Hyrule Castle Courtyard
Zelda’s Theme
LonLon Ranch
Kakariko Village
Goron City
Lost Woods
Middle Boss Battle
Dinosaur Boss Battle
Zora’s Domain
Great Fairy’s Fountain
Potion Shop
Temple of Time
Master Sword
Ganondorf’s Theme
Chamber of the Sages
Sheik’s Theme
Horse Race
Kakariko Village Orchestral Version
Windmill Hut
Minuet of Forest
Forest Temple
Bolero of Fire
Fire Temple
Ice Cavern
Serenade of Water
Water Temple
Nocturne of Shadow
Prelude of Light
Shadow Temple
Gerudo Valley
Spirit Temple
Requiem of Spirit
Kotake & Koume’s Theme
Ganondorf Battle
Last Battle
Ocarina of Time
Ocarina Songs
End Credits
End Credits 2 (orchestral)