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An Interview with Horizon Chase Composer Barry Leitch

Chasing the Horizon in Top Gear (Yes, that was the best title I could think of. Deal with it.) Today, Aquiris Game Studio released their hit mobile game, Horizon Chase, on the PlayStation 4 and Steam in an enhanced Turbo

Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack Live Recording

  You’ve heard Super Mario 3D World’s music in its trailers. You’ve heard it while playing the game. Now you can listen to a live recording of the game’s soundtrack. Check out the video above to hear the sweet, sweet

Buy a Wii, get a Mario game and the wrong soundtrack

Nintendo doesn’t sell the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack to North American Club Nintendo fans (or iTunes patrons or pretty much anyone in the States), but–as of last Sunday–they’re happy to give it away to casual late Wii buyers. And it’s

Ocarina soundtrack arrives; blows mind.

If you registered a copy of Ocarina 3D quickly enough, you stood a good chance of guaranteeing a free copy of the game soundtrack. The CDs are shipping, and mine arrived this weekend. No complaints or nitpicks here: this is

If you need another reason to get Zelda tomorrow…

Epona doesn’t know how to handle a collector’s item, but if you’d like a free copy of the new OoT 3D soundtrack, act fast. Beginning tomorrow, a free copy of the CD will be shipped to Club Nintendo members who

Mouse music arrives. Which soundtracks would you love to see released?

The Epic Mickey soundtrack is now on iTunes, joining World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy on the list of games fortunate enough to have powers-that-be who realize there are people willing to pay for this material. Mickey’s $9.99 soundtrack gives