If you need another reason to get Zelda tomorrow…


Epona doesn’t know how to handle a collector’s item, but if you’d like a free copy of the new OoT 3D soundtrack, act fast. Beginning tomorrow, a free copy of the CD will be shipped to Club Nintendo members who register the game while the limited supply lasts. No guarantees, and no word on exactly how many copies are in stock.

The new CD contains 50 tracks from the game, including an orchestral medley recorded specifically for this soundtrack.

In my area, I have to wait ’till ten in the morning for an open store. I’m envying people on the east coast right now…


  1. Oh man… my gamestop was originally planning a midnight launch, but it turned out not enough people preordered it for an event like that. I’ll be picking it up probably around 11am Sunday morning.

  2. I’m probably gonna pick up mine from Best Buy after church…and if we don’t go to church, I’m still picking it up ASAP.

  3. Damnit this game is sweet. Haven’t forgot a single thing so far (Death Mountain now) but there are some new situations to it I think…

    Back to Hyrule

  4. Gonna get this. Nintendo is so dope, this is I why I buy their stuff, it comes with more cool stuff. And points for even more cool stuff. Yes!

  5. While I do plan to buy the game soon, am I the only one who doesn’t really care about the soundtrack? I see no purpose for it other than for collectors, the rest of us can get the music on Youtube or various video game music download sites anyway.

  6. @ CM30:

    Yes, it’s for collectors and anyone who thinks it’s just plain good to have an actual real, authorized Nintendo music product (which are rare as hen’s teeth in the U.S.). Also, it comes with previously unpublished character art and a howdy-do from Mr. Miyamoto and Mr. Kondo.

    Look, it’s a really nice freebie, okay??? Sheesh, sometimes Nintendo just can’t win for doing something extra!

    Glad you’re buying the game, though! 🙂

  7. I just register mine, how do you know if you got it???

  8. I don’t think I got it 🙁

  9. It’s supposed to pop up after the survey is completed.

    I didn’t get it either…

  10. I’m hearing that a lot of people who aren’t getting the CD pop up after doing the survey are calling customer service and customer service is manually adding the CD.

  11. I had to call to get mine. Took about 15min to get through but when i did they were helpful and said i should be getting one.

  12. I just registered my game using Firefox and got the CD offer after I completed the survey. So, right now it’s still available. If you didn’t get a confirmation, call Nintendo’s customer service right now! By the way, make sure to click the box saying that you purchased early to get the soundtrack…you know, so they might do this kind of thing again….:)

  13. Thanks so much!!!

    Just called customer service a few minutes ago and they added me to receive the soundtrack. I guess it’s still not too late!! ^_^

    Apparently they’ll be shipping around July 5th, and everybody should be getting the CD about a week after that.

  14. did anyone else get a reward inquiry on the club N site, but it says backordered? does this mean i’ll be getting one or not?

  15. @ac:

    Did you get a button to click to accept the free CD, then get an email confirmation telling you they’ll contact you again when it ships? If not, call Nintendo’s customer service and see if they can help you.

  16. If you’re OCD and want to double check, look in the “Reward Order Inquiry” section of the site. Mine says “order accepted” for the CD, so I guess it worked for me.

  17. Just fyi this offer is still good until Monday June 20, 2011 @Midnight Pacific Time.


    For me registering and filling out the survey on the Nintendo Club website didn’t work. I had to call up NOA customer support to get my copy.