Has Link lost his mojo?

link zeldaThe latest Zelda: Spirit Tracks is a good game. It’s no Zelda III, Ocarina, or Wind Waker, but it’s a good game. Does that mean the series is in decline, then, proposes Zelda Informer. Nope.

Zelda is better than it has ever been, we have just lost our appreciation for it. Maybe to those that feel it’s declining need to take a break. Stop watching the Zelda News like a hawk, and stop debating about this game or that. Go enjoy your other experiences in gaming and life… and when Zelda Wii hits, take it at face value and don’t base it on what others are saying. Run away and see if the new Zelda brings you back home again. If not? Zelda simply isn’t for you anymore. You will be missed, but in the end everyone will be happy.

And I gotta say, comparing flagship console Zeldas to portable Zeldas is like comparing Wii Sports to Deca Sports. Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you get my point.