Watch 10 minutes of Zelda 3DS and polish your German in one fell swoop


A reminder: Zelda Ocarina 3D arrives June 19 stateside.


  1. I thought “polish your German” was an innuendo for something else…

  2. Was it me or was the game mirrored in the video?

  3. @Aikun2012 The Master Quest is mirrored, maybe that is what they are playing?

  4. Notice how in the beginning there are two options on the lower screen, and shows both menus for the normal quest, and the master quest. He then goes into the master quest, which was quite far into the game.

  5. Yeah…that’s what he said. And when they show the simultaneous videos of the boss fight with King Dondongo (or w/e he’s called), they’re comparing the master quest/regular quest. They said he gets up faster and instead of rolling away from you when you hit him, he rolls towards you and you have to doge him…understanding german win!

  6. Re the pic above, either he’s got giant man hands or that is one tiny 3DS.

    3DS Micro. Ha!

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