How do PS Vita details change how you feel about 3DS (if at all)?

Sony named, dated, and priced its new handheld today. Dubbed PS Vita, the touch and control enabled handheld is as powerful as modern consoles. It supports interoperable multiplayer with PS3, and has a street pass like feature called “near.” Oh, and it’s $250, just like 3DS, and launching this fall.

That said, it’s being reported that Sony will lose money in releasing Vita, whereas Nintendo is already turning a profit on every 3DS sold. Does any that change how you feel about 3DS? And would you buy a PS Vita, given its comparable price, while knowing its predecessor sorely lacked games?


  1. I don’t know about getting a PSVita, but I think Nintendo could’ve packed more power into the 3DS if Sony can do it for the same price. :/ It makes me feel like I paid too much for too little with my 3DS, really.

  2. Just like with the original DS’s dual touch screens, Nintendo has that special hook that stands out as something clearly different with 3DS. This time around it’s the glasses-free 3D screen, and Sony is making a mistake by not including one (especially with how hard they are pushing the 3DTV market, how do they explain that double standard?). I know personally, after going 3D, I can’t go back.

  3. Sony has to be eating quite the loss at $250. OLED screens are super expensive.

    That said, the price point with the power behind it … wow. Any inclination I had for a 3DS just went down the tubes. Then again, I never buy at launch, so we’ll see how those price wars go.

  4. I was surprised by the price. But i think it all comes down to the games. And i’m sure tomorrow we’ll see plenty of software for both 3DS and Project Cafe. I wasn’t really surprised by most games on the vita.

  5. PS Vita can’t give me the one thing that matters most: Nintendo games.

    Simple as that.

  6. It doesn’t change how I feel about the 3ds but it does change how I feel about the next sony portable. Ie: I want one now.

  7. @Garion333

    OLED screens are NOT super expensive IF you have the ability to make them yourself, like Sony does. Currently, like all “new tech”, OLED is getting a mark-up due to what it is, but it is actually significantly cheaper to make than current techs.

    On topic though, I am glad that Sony is so afraid of Nintendo that they are going to eat major losses on their new handheld just to stay competitive. I still am LOVING my 3DS, but I am happy to be able to buy a Vita at launch by it not costing an arm and a leg.

  8. First, I have been one of the people to buy the 3DS on launch date. And so far… I am very disappointed. A mediocre launch title lineup, low battery life, and there’s no update… I am still waiting right now.

    I’ve been following the hype surrounding the PS Vita. All of the videos and screenshots I’ve seen in the past day have been making me feel less and less secure about keeping my 3DS.

    I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Nintendo, but I think the 3DS’s initial launch was not well thought out. At first, I was excited about the 3D screen. Awesome. But when it comes to playing games ( such as Street Fighter ), I prefer to turn it off, especially because of the ghosting and weird things the screen does. I guess I don’t have steady hands. So for me, the 3D turned out to be just a gimmick. But then I thought to myself, it’s not all about the 3D, the graphics turned out really nice.

    But the PS Vita blew that away. It has a multitouch screen like an iPhone, cameras, better graphics hardware and resolution, and a touch panel on the back. In hardware aspects it has the 3DS beat except for no 3D, except, does 3D really affect gameplay that much? I’ve played Pilotwings, but it only helps to a degree.

    When it was first announced, I was thinking that the biggest thing stopping me from going out and purchasing this crazy machine was the price, but having heard about the $250 tag, well… I love you Nintendo, but if the PS Vita games are up to snuff, I might lean towards selling my 3DS for the PS Vita.

    BTW, does anybody know when the 3DS update is supposed to be out? I live on the East Coast and it’s already 11 pm…

  9. Well, I’ve thought that $250 was a bit pricey for the 3DS in the first place, and guess what: I bought one anyway. So, no, it doesn’t change anything.

    Maybe it’s just nostalgia, or maybe fanboyism or ignorance, but over Little Big Planet, Uncharted, or to a lesser extent ModNation Racers, I’d take Mario. Or Kid Icarus. Or even a remake of the one 3D Zelda game that I didn’t like that much (hoping they fix some of the control issues…).

    It’s the same thing with the PSP and the DSi. When the DSi launched, most retailers (most notably Amazon) were selling the “newer” PSP models (including the Go) for $149.99, despite the MSRP being (I believe) $199.99. The DSi launched at $169.99. Guess which I’d prefer 🙂

  10. @Monkat

    To add to that, I’d like to mention that I do own a PSP Go, and I do like it.

  11. Doesn’t change it at all. Why would it? Heh.

  12. It’s a tough blow to the 3DS in the price point area, though I think Sony could release at that price from subsidizing it with the AT&T exclusive deal. Nintendo is in for the business, and will never release anything at a loss since it’s a pretty stupid thing to do, but corporations like Sony would rather bleed money than release hardware that wasn’t competitive through cutting edge processing power. I expect Nintendo to drop the price of the 3DS in time for the Vita release.

  13. Nothign matters except for the games. If you want your Paper Mario, Advance Wars, Pokemanz and Mario, you gotta get the 3DS

    If you want your Sony 1st party titles, get Livin la Vita Loca.

    Specs are mostly irrelevant. Follow the games.

  14. Those are impressive specs on the the PS Vita. I don’t really care though, as I want Nintendo games as usual, and so I will forever be Nintendo’s bitch

  15. I always thought the 3DS was expensive, and Sony just proved that. If Nintendo wants to sell me a 3DS, they better take $100 off of that price (and we all know that is not going to happen). I think Nintendo has dropped the ball with the 3DS.

    With games as Little Big Planet and Mod Nation Racers, the new Sony portable start to look a decent alternative at the right price point for what it proposes. But I guess in the end I may just get myself a tablet and forget about dedicated portable gaming devices.

    From Nintendo, I am still curious to know what the price of Cafe will be (but I doubt they will reveal it tomorrow), as well as the remaining Wii line up for the console.

    Sony had a pretty strong Press Conference this year IMO. Let’s see if Nintendo can top that.


  16. I think Nintendo really guessed wrong on their pricing for the 3DS. I think 3 years of sell-outs for the Wii left them disappointed in the money left on the table and they wouldn’t be burned twice. Too bad they didn’t realize that it sold out because of it’s price point. The 3DS will sell more units at $200 and they should have hit that mark out of the gate.

    I can’t wait to see what they do tomorrow. Should be really interesting, especially pricing.

  17. I purchased a used psp to play god of war years ago. I purchased other games played them for a week and till this day it takes awhile to remember what games i have. Im skipping the next psp.

  18. I don’t know. Time will tell. Who knows what Nintendo has up its sleeves tomorrow. 🙂 I amprepared to be wowed tomorrow with seeing the new project cafe and killer apps for the 3DS. 🙂 think that Ninteno may anounce a bundle or price drop coming for 3DS for holidays to counter Sony’s PSVita

  19. Well, if Sony is losing money on every Vita sold, either two things will happen…

    A: They’ll go out of business (not likely)
    B: They’ll raise the price a good $50-100. (more likely)

  20. so i guess we can expect a 3DS price drop in time for vita’s launch

  21. The games I want aren’t going to be on the Vita, but that price point is going to attract a lot of people.

    Nintendo better bring some big guns tomorrow. Otherwise, they might actually have to work for handheld supremacy.

  22. The PSP sold 70 million units according to Sony today. I had no idea it was that many. I always thought it was the whipping boy but 70 million is a lot of units. If anyone is on the fence about buying a 3DS, I’d say wait it out. I think we’ll be in for some price wars here on the handhelds.

    Good for us.

  23. It’s all going to be about the games for me, baby!

    Meaning, I’ll have to wait and see which games come in which handheld, and then I’ll see which one I’ll buy… or if I even need to buy a new handheld at all! (I’m currently quite happy with my DSi).

  24. I so want one, and it’s the same price as the 3DS…I think Nintendo need to address that with a price drop.

  25. Is… is it just me? Or did that back-touchscreen feature look absolutely useless???
    I mean… even when the DS was first revealed, its touch screen capabilities looked far more useful. Even its dualscreen looked useful.
    That? … that looked…… I dunno…… stupid. ._.

    Other than me wanting to scream at Sony for losing money ONCE AGAIN for trying to stay competitive (I mean, seriously: They already lost a lot releasing the PS3 with a price under its production cost and it didn’t even sell as well as they wanted it to!)… I do like the idea that it can play multiplayer with the PS3. 🙂 That’s cool. And 3G’s nice.
    …other than that? …, I’ll just wait for a nice game to get for it (like how I treated my PSP).

    I still like my 3DS. But well… it doesn’t have that much use just yet.
    So we’ll see.

  26. HOLY CRAP! I think the update is UP!

  27. p.s. finally

  28. In my opinion it looks just like it did when the psp and the ds came to be. I had alot of friends think real hard about getting a ds but suddenly change their mind and get a psp. But soon after those same people that bought their psps suddenly got bored of them and sold them and I told them if they would have bought the ds like they originally intended they would still be playing their ds.

    The 3ds is in a snag right now but the graphical power of it is awesome in my opinion and the 3d is great. The screens of the new mario look just like Galaxy. Sony’s handhelds just have a different feel than nintendo. With nintendo you feel like your playing but with like the psp i feel like i am holding something that has to much tech in it to want to take it into the harsh environment of the outside.

  29. I’m a fan of both Nintendo and Sony, but the 3DS holds little interest for me. It costs too much entirely because it offers a feature that, while impressive technically, is getting lukewarm reception. I simply couldn’t care less about 3D. Yes, I enjoy Nintendo’s franchises, but software support for the 3DS has been weak thus far, and I also enjoy Sony’s stable.

    I was planning to skip this generation of portables, but the $250 price on a machine as powerful as the Vita is very tempting.

    For me, it all depends on how Nintendo reacts to the shocking Vita price they surely didn’t see coming.

  30. @ Brett

    Thanks for the update tip!

  31. BTW: How I thought the back touchscreen would be used in a sort of “a somewhat transparent dot would appear on the screen depending where you placed your finger on the back of the PSV. And it’s pressure sensitive. So if you pressed hard, or double-tapped, this cursor would activate…. this would become a useful way of shooting in FPS titles on a handheld, as it wouldn’t remove the thumbs away from the buttons” …….. instead, they just showed the player picking up and moving a golfer… T_T …that’s… really….. wow…. way to advertise how useless the feature could be when put in the wrong hands!

  32. Nintendo made some mistakes with the 3DS, as evidenced by the lukewarm reaction so far. With this price announcement from Sony, Nintendo may need to look into a 3DS price drop.

  33. I am not sure why everyone is complaining about the 3DS. It is a little power house it self. The only 3d, touch screen, wi-fi, mp3 playing, internet browsing, camera, game playing device. The launch was a bit ‘soft’ but now that the update is out and with the press event in a few hours, Nintendo is is in a great spot. Sonyneeds to head back to business 101. For example, exclusive titles, hardware pricing guide lines, and proper customer service and satisfaction.

  34. Ok, Vita is cheap…but I still don’t like the games, only Uncharted appeal to me and that game is made by a different studio than the PS3’s Uncharted, and based on the past it’ll probably be not as good.

  35. uh o…
    but does it have mario or zelda?
    this thing does look awesome though

  36. What does it change? Not much for me. Love my 3DS, glad I bought it at launch even with the lack of software, I won’t be buying this unless it well and truly trounces the 3DS, and even then, i don’t see the need of having 2 handhelds and an iPhone. I don’t see this happening though but only time will tell.

  37. Liking that touch pad idea you could easily slide through menus. I think Nintendo needs to drop $50 from the MRSP by the time this thing comes out. Those real-time graphics will show up nicely on a TV commercial unlike the 3D for a 3DS. Really I think it matters more if Nintendo can actually get decent content out there before this can launch as the leg up in graphics looks comparable to the original DS vs PSP. In the long term though I don’t see either console fairing well against smartphones.

  38. For those prices I minus well get an iPad. 🙂 Even if it’s a used original iPad. Seriously.

    I love Nintendo, but where are the games? :/

  39. Experts estimate that the cost of producing a 3DS is around 90 US, at most 100 US. Obviously you have to add to this shipping and retail mark ups, but Nintendo could easily lower the price of the device to 150-180 US, and so have a huge price advantage over the Vita.

  40. Does somebody know the battey life of Vita? I think that’s a key point we’re missing.

  41. Good look Sony on the price for once! But the eshop has my attention now since i just got free nintendo games. Did I say free nintendo games? Yer haw!

  42. After seeing that the prices are the same for the 2 devices I wish the 3ds had two analog sticks and a bigger screen. I think that would have downplayed some of the attention vista is getting.

  43. @Gannon

    See, the problem with that is that if Nintendo lowered it by that much, they would be making very little profit. And if Nintendo likes one thing: It’s making profit.

    What Sony’s trying to do is trying to compete. It pushed its price ridiculously low in order to “beat” the 3DS in the consumer’s eyes. If it can win back the consumers, it may be able to get them eating out of their hands through software sales and hardware upgrades. THAT’S how Sony wants to get profit out of the Vita. Because in all honesty? Sony would be LOSING money by keeping the Vita at that price (considering the production cost + marketing + etc costs MUCH MORE than $250)…

    Nintendo wouldn’t lower the price of the 3DS immediately.
    And while Sony’s sweating bullets wondering if it will make or break with this deal (thankfully they don’t sell only game-related products, or this kind of move would kick them out of the gaming industry competition for good), Nintendo’s smirking. Because even if the Vita sells TWICE as much as the 3DS: The 3DS would still be making profit, and the Vita would still be losing.
    With a snap of its finger, Nintendo can rack up sales in software by releasing its first party titles… Sony can’t even profit as much as Nintendo could if it tried that (considering their first party titles not only cost more to produce due to their different standards in games, but they also aren’t as recognizable as Nintendo’s icon heroes… Nintendo’s characters sell to everyone, Sony’s only sell to specific crowds).

    The tables have turned. This is another case of the turtle and the hare.
    Sony started too hard too fast, and Nintendo’s kept its pacing. Sony would eventually lose in this game if Nintendo never tripped (they may have switched lanes (audiences), but they haven’t lost their pace).

    …in all honesty, that’s what they get for backstabbing Nintendo more than once (look up Nintendo and Sony’s history together).

  44. First off, I don’t think that the PSP “sorely lacked games,” that just seems like fanboy opinion. Second, as much as I wanted a 3DS, I would buy this thing (although NGP sounded a lot better than Vita) before a 3DS if they were both out now, only problem is that with a tales game coming to the 3DS I still have to get one.

  45. @Cory
    While I agree that the PSP had a vast amount of games…
    …they were rather… well… not marketed well.

    Think about it, you go to a store and unless you KNOW what you’re looking for: The PSP rack will look like a line-up of games its had since the beginning of its launch.

    The same can be said for the DS line-up of games, but that one had such varying degrees of genre and style per game that it always felt like something was new on the system. The PSP’s line-up, while great, were a lot of similar games.
    The third person shooter, the God-of-War clone, the modern / abstract art-style puzzle-platform games, and of course the medieval JRPG or the dark JRPG.

    … it didn’t have that much variety as the DS… where you could find all shades and shapes of gold and crap. 😛

  46. The price is a real kick in the nuts especially since the 3DS launch was so lackluster.

    But the PSvita so far only has SFxT going for it.

  47. Sony’s gonna give Nintendo a run for their money with the Vita, 3DS better start pumping out some amazing new software/features and lower the price soon.

  48. @Jose

    Yes, you minus well. But how good are you at long division?

  49. in my opinion… the ipod has the ability to produce some amazing things but they just dont have things that attract me. I remember when i bought a phat ds and it had lukewarm release titles. most people thought it would fail but look how that turned out. I had a psp and it had nice visuals but it didnt have the games i was looking for. I have complete faith that the 3ds will be just as successful as the ds was.