Buy a Wii, get a Mario game and the wrong soundtrack

Nintendo doesn’t sell the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack to North American Club Nintendo fans (or iTunes patrons or pretty much anyone in the States), but–as of last Sunday–they’re happy to give it away to casual late Wii buyers. And it’s not even paired with the game it belongs with!

Perhaps NOA is hoping Joe and Wanda Casual will listen to the CD, fall in love with the music, and rush to buy the Galaxy games? Or are they hoping Nintendo fans will buy a second Wii for the rare official soundtrack?

Or–and I sure hope this isn’t true–are the Mario games indistinguishable from one another to the marketing people who slapped this bundle together?

Aargh! What do you want to bet most of these little treasures are going to end up in recycling bins? (“A whole CD of video game music?” laughed Joe Casual. “Who on earth would listen to that?”)

Nintendo of America, your fans would gladly purchase soundtracks from your website. That one easy-to-implement feature would mean a lot more to us than your new “Nintendo Direct” news service, which you claim to have initiated because you want to reach out to us. Really, we do want to give you money for this stuff!