Cool-looking Wii headset sold separately for Call of Duty: Black Ops


For $25 bucks, this thing looks pretty cool (also available in white). Since the upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops for Wii supports both online multiplayer and voice chat, is this something you’d be interested in picking up? And are you buying Call of Duty: Black Ops? (It was one of my favorite games of E3, btw. New trailer after the break.)


  1. 🙂 Depends if it’s still rated M but I’m all for it. 🙂 (Can’t really get any Wii M games with my lil bro in the house.)

  2. I plan on getting Black Ops, but since I have an extremely slow satellite internet connection I’m not sure what online multiplayer modes will work for me.

  3. im getting this Goldeneye wii/NBA JAM wii dont want online in this game because i wouldnt use it just like in PES it has a robust online but i dont use it i prefer to play in the same room as friends ect games that have both players sharing the same screen like Tigerwoods ect are meant for local MP not online FPS/Racing games ect are best for online but really FPS games are the only game i play online and yes i will love Black ops wii with IR controls and PDP Headbanger wow im also getting Donky kong wii and Epic micky.

  4. @ Matt,
    These are for you:
    , . , ‘ . , , . . . . , . .
    I kid, but that was seriously hard to read.

  5. @Bbelt,
    That just made my day. It’s exactly what I was thinking. =)

  6. Checked out these peripherals at E3, if it’s the same ones I checked out. We tried them out on the conduit 2: Interesting tidbit: they aren’t WiiSpeak compatible: support for these headsets are made through deals with the game developer, and the peripheral manufacturer. It won’t work with Animal Crossing.

  7. I don’t use bluetooth very often. Pretty much just my mobile phone headset and my Wii remote. Being that the Wii uses bluetooth, can someone please tell me why we don’t have bluetooth headsets for the Wii?
    Is that a 15′ USB cord? It would have to be for me to use it on the couch while I play. No thank you.

  8. were those the clips from the wii or xbox if it was the wii looks like it has some awesome graphics.
    I will probably not be getting this game.just not my kinda game style.

  9. @Bbelt, dude you are so right that cable must be at least 10′, I am a Nintendo fan for life, but the truth is those games are for the big boys like Xbox 360, I would never spent $ 50.00 when for $ 10.00 more I would get Awesome HD graphics and the best on-line game play.

  10. Still, cant they use a wireless headset with a USB receiver? Excessively long wires can just disappear for all I care.

  11. i think its a 20 foot wire. but mr. nintendofanatic this game has something the other versions dont. pointer control which in my opinion is a better feature than hd graphics. Now if they added move support for ps3 then my point would be moot but they said that they are NOT doing that so. that’s my two cents.
    @matt i did not think it was possible to type a pragraph with only one period. bravo good sir

  12. @Tiny kong
    Xbox…Treyarch would want to show off their game with the best graphics, that’s how all multiplatform games are advertised: not on the Wii

  13. PS3 & XBOX SUCK REALLY HARD, im gettin this game for the wii, and im buying the headset, i love standard defintion graphics, HD GRAPHICS ARE ONLY GOOD FOR RACING & 3D FIGHTING GAMES! Wii IS THE BEST SYSTEM , SO U LOSERS GO WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THOSE XBOX & PS3 VERSIONS

  14. the cord is only 10″ long and that wont reach the wii to pug in

  15. 10′

  16. the wire is 10 feet
    -Clear sound
    -Easy to mute, Red light on end of mic, shows if its muted.
    -Easy to adjust sound
    -Clip to attach to your shirt so the mic will stay in place
    -10 ft. cord gets tangled and is a bit short, if someone crosses the room, they could snag it and take down either you or your wii
    -Blue light on the headset does not turn off
    -Seems kinda cheap quality, the mute button feels like it will break easily.
    -Wish it was wireless
    -You don’t own it yet (this is a major con) BUY IT NOW!

  17. where can i get wii headset?!?!? i really want one my cat chewed mine 🙁 any stores i can get it at?

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