April Nintendo Power brings Olympian conflict to your coffee table!

Kid Icarus Uprising fans eager to expand their collection of battling AR cards can get a boost from this month’s Nintendo Power. It includes three free cards, and they’re all superstars: Poseidon, Medusa (battle form) and Thanatos. I let the Sea King and Snakelocks duke it out on my table for your enjoyment; after the break you’ll see how it turned out, as well as a rundown of some very worthwhile articles in this issue.

If the free AR cards aren’t enough to get you excited, check out these highlights from the April pages:

* A huge cover story on the Epic Mickey sequels, including a lot of information about the 3DS version, which — in case you hadn’t heard — is not just a sequel to Epic Mickey, but ALSO A 2-D SPRITE-BASED SEQUEL TO THE GENESIS CLASSIC, CASTLE OF ILLUSION!!! Yes, please!

* A large article on why Link to the Past may be the best Zelda game ever.

* An extensive look at Unchained Blades, a promising-looking JRPG coming to eShop.

* A post-release interview with the creator of Resident Evil: Revelations.

* A large, picture-filled preview of Mario Tennis Open.

* A look at the 3DS’s first year on the shelves.

* The Kid Icarus Uprising review (9.5 — I couldn’t agree more!)

And a lot more. Well, it looks like the good guy won my desktop battle — or, should I say, the “unaffiliated” guy. Party at the palace! For all us mortals, the April Nintendo Power should be hitting shelves now; this one’s definitely worth the price of admission.