April Nintendo Power brings Olympian conflict to your coffee table!

Kid Icarus Uprising fans eager to expand their collection of battling AR cards can get a boost from this month’s Nintendo Power. It includes three free cards, and they’re all superstars: Poseidon, Medusa (battle form) and Thanatos. I let the Sea King and Snakelocks duke it out on my table for your enjoyment; after the break you’ll see how it turned out, as well as a rundown of some very worthwhile articles in this issue.

If the free AR cards aren’t enough to get you excited, check out these highlights from the April pages:

* A huge cover story on the Epic Mickey sequels, including a lot of information about the 3DS version, which — in case you hadn’t heard — is not just a sequel to Epic Mickey, but ALSO A 2-D SPRITE-BASED SEQUEL TO THE GENESIS CLASSIC, CASTLE OF ILLUSION!!! Yes, please!

* A large article on why Link to the Past may be the best Zelda game ever.

* An extensive look at Unchained Blades, a promising-looking JRPG coming to eShop.

* A post-release interview with the creator of Resident Evil: Revelations.

* A large, picture-filled preview of Mario Tennis Open.

* A look at the 3DS’s first year on the shelves.

* The Kid Icarus Uprising review (9.5 — I couldn’t agree more!)

And a lot more. Well, it looks like the good guy won my desktop battle — or, should I say, the “unaffiliated” guy. Party at the palace! For all us mortals, the April Nintendo Power should be hitting shelves now; this one’s definitely worth the price of admission.

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  1. Hitokiri_Ace says:

    I loved the article about Link to the Past being the best Zelda game ever. ūüôā The AR cards were an awesome bonus, and the Kid Icarus review covered pretty much everything of why I love the game.

    Volumes like this, make me glad I’m still a subscriber even after the change of hands.. (Still a little bitter about that…) lol

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