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April Nintendo Power brings Olympian conflict to your coffee table!

Kid Icarus Uprising fans eager to expand their collection of battling AR cards can get a boost from this month’s Nintendo Power. It includes three free cards, and they’re all superstars: Poseidon, Medusa (battle form) and Thanatos. I let the

The Alternate Deaths of Three-Headed Hewdraw…and some more Icarus tips

As Eugene’s review stated, Kid Icarus Uprising contains a mind-blowing amount of content. If you’re enjoying KIU – or considering buying it (and you should) – we now present a few tips and tricks you may not have explored yet.

Happy Kid Icarus Day!

Kid Icarus Uprising is sweeping more than one Infendo writer through its hectic, spectacular adventure today, and we hope many of you are also having a great time with this title. Look for Infendo’s review soon. In the meantime…three cheers

Witness Metal Slug the way it was ment to be played!

I really hope that this concept for Metal Slug on Wii U turns into a reality. How awesome would it be to take your Wii U controller with you into the bathroom and shoot tiny shoulders that appear behind the

Club Nintendo rewards alert: Two great ones

I don’t break in with news of everything Club Nintendo suddenly offers, but I really think you’ll want to know about these:

Pokedex 3D review: It’s a guide…it’s an AR funhouse…it’s free!

3DS hasn’t yet become a gaming powerhouse (give it four more days), but as a portable, spectacular little science expo, it’s flat-out amazing. And Pokedex 3D is one polished, impressive freebie. Raise your hand if you’ve been ignoring Pokedex 3D