Club Nintendo rewards alert: Two great ones

I don’t break in with news of everything Club Nintendo suddenly offers, but I really think you’ll want to know about these:

First, the giant AR card that’s been available in other territories is now ready for North American club members. The Mario AR image is included on on the back. 200 points.

Second: A set of 3 DK posters. All are nice, but it’s the 22 x 28 shot of the game field that’s the real keeper. 400 points.

What do you think? Are they finally starting to understand what North American fans want from the club?

11 Responses to Club Nintendo rewards alert: Two great ones

  1. El Hajjish says:

    Don’t Europe and Japan have SNES style classic controllers for Wii? I’ll spend my points when those arrive.

  2. Richard says:

    @ El Hajjish:

    Yes, that classic SNES controller would be nice. And I’m still hoping for soundtracks.

    In the meantime, giant Miis and a quality poster of DK Level 1 are enough to make me smile.

  3. ghettoska says:

    I am just glad to see that the AR cards that shipped with my 3ds will not be the last ones I get to use. I have a lingering fear of this feature becoming one of the first capabilities that will be underused and even when it is implemented, it will be minor, and nothing you couldn’t have lived without.

  4. Stan says:

    “This product is delivered in a folded state, so there is a crease along the middle.”

    That’s kinda lame.

  5. Richard says:

    @ Stan:

    To function, the giant AR card has to lie flat, so I think folding it once horizontally is a better option than a tube for this one. I do appreciate that they’re totally up front about this; they even posted a photo of what the item in the open box will look like on arrival.

    The DK posters come rolled in a tube, though.

  6. king_salamon says:

    The Donkey Kong game field posted is mine! I’ll get it either framed or mounted… not sure yet but it’s mine!! 🙂

    I do like these recent rewards. I can’t believe it but I may have to spend some coins early (rather than being forced to use them before they expire… lol)

    Now next up for rewards… how about a 3ds game cartridge case similar to the Animal Crossing DS one. I think that would be awesome and would give me a convenient location for all my 3ds games.

  7. kevelstone says:

    well i hope eur do get some good stuff like the controller with this im not really much a dk fan and i already got a massive ar card with this months onm

  8. Josh says:

    The fact that it comes folded means that Nintendo still doesn’t get it.

  9. NZA36 says:

    Don’t hold your breath for that controller, they aren’t looking to bring anything expensive like that to America.

  10. KEITH LEM says:

    …so what if it comes folded??…it works, so great…I’ve order mine!

  11. GameCollector44 says:

    @Josh: Just shut up…it’s rather easy to get something flat. Just a couple of dictionaries…

    I already ordered the Donkey Kong poster set. :3 I’m trying to get enough coins for the AR card though. ><

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