Did you buy Rhythm Heaven for DS? Would you support a U.S. release of the Wii sequel?

Rhythm Heaven, one of the DS’s funniest and most original games, is getting a Wii follow-up in Japan. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a North American release.

U.S. sales of Rhythm Heaven didn’t reach Brain-Age level heights, despite a cute marketing campaign featuring Beyonce. How many of you out there bought this terrific Music Game/Warioware hybrid?

Placing in Infendo’s 2009 Top 10, Rhythm Heaven is a charmer. If you missed it, do yourself a huge favor and buy it at a discount price or rent it. It contains some of the greatest ideas ever presented on any game platform, including a charming little ghost rock band that deserves its own series. Rhythm Heaven is bizarre, hilarious and full of catchy tunes.

Music, comedy and weirdness are three qualities I crave in my games, so I bought Rhythm Heaven and loved it despite two minor problems:

1) Its claim of fifty mini games is a bit of a stretch. In reality–not counting unlockable toys and noise makers–there are around thirty mini games that make up the heart of the title.

2) The games are all unlocked and beaten fairly quickly, then proceed to rapidly get more difficult until the experience becomes near-impossible and the fun stops.

I think the game was overpriced at $29.99, and probably would have sold much better by matching Brain-Age’s $19.99 tag.

Did you buy Rhythm Heaven? Would you like the Wii sequel brought stateside? Frankly, if announced, it’ll be right there on my must-buy list alongside Skyward Sword.