Off-topic: This science fiction demotivation poster is all sorts of funny


I understand this has been floating around message boards for a while, but I still chuckled upon seeing it.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Ummmmmm not science fiction. It’s fantasy

  2. I don’t get it – that’s what Yoda says

  3. Looks like trolling to me.

  4. Isn’t every post you make off-topic, Blake? And when you do make an on-topic post, you hardly put any effort into it.

  5. I think the joke is that the quote belongs to Yoda, it is attributed to Dumbledore, and the associated picture is of Gandalf the Grey? A science fiction/fantasy collage of sorts.

  6. For crying out loud, guys, the joke is that it’s a clueless inspirational poster that gets everything wrong!

    Anyway, it gave me a good chuckle to start the day with. 🙂

  7. Since i don’t understand Blake’s poster (having not seen Harry, star wars, or whatever Gandalf the Grey is from), here is a Nintendo one for those who share my struggle!

  8. It’s also a meta joke in that it’s not science fiction, and it’s not a demotivational poster. So clever, Blake. So clever many missed it.

    Troll Quotes:

  9. 😀 That’s like, “How many animals did Moses bring on the ark?”

  10. Is there really a point to making a whole post about a troll made fake motivational poster? Seems kind of pointless and not at all Nintendo related if you ask me.

  11. Oh come on, it’s funny. Lighten up people!

  12. Hence why it says “off topic”.

  13. blake posts a funny poster and wishes us a good weekend… and people complain? Man he just can’t win!

  14. HA, this is the first I ran across this poster, kinda cool.