Bob of bob’s game Attacks Nintendo World

[youtube][/youtube] Bob escapes the confines of his room on day fifty for an excursion to the Nintendo World store. Can we officially say he is insane? [Via Joystick]

WiiMote weight accesory for WiiFit

Ever feel like you are not getting enough out of your various Wii Fit exercises? Those various yogas mini games not burning enough calories. Heading those soccer balls not working your sides enough. Ever wanted to add some various weight training to your regiment? Apparently Riiflex thought that way and decided to release an accessory that adds some weight to your WiiMote. You can get either a 2lb...

Dead Rising’s Isabella really loves Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

It’s the only way I can explain why she has multiple chins in the Wii version, coming soon, and not in the Xbox 360 version, which has been out for more than a two years. Sure, the Wii’s graphics aren’t going to be as sharp, and the number of zombies on screen is pitifully less than the Xbox 360 version, but since when has a weaker processor translated into multiple chins?! And t...

Matchmaking Mario web comic is all about big pimpin’

This is the current guest strip over at Dueling Analogs. Any web comic that ends with Mario being called a pimp gets at least a link from me. Mario, I had no idea, you sly dog.

Laughing Duck Hunt Dog Drives Man to the Edge

This NSFW video from the unbalanced folks over at College Humor about an infamous dog from Nintendo Past goes from funny to disturbing to Manhunt in the span of about two minutes. You’ve been warned.

Liquor, games sales thrive during recession

More than half a million Americans lost their jobs last month. If sales trends reflect reality, most coped by getting drunk and killing aliens. As vehicle manufacturers and major banks crumble amidst the worst economic environment since the Great Depression, U.S. sales of video games and alcoholic beverages have increased by record amounts. The video games industry is on pace to total a record $22...

A real plumber backs Obama for president

With Joe the Anything-But-A-Plumber drawing crowds, Mario has clarified which candidate real plumbers support on Technabob. Like many among him, Mario is looking for change in the Mushroom Kingdom. No longer will he be led blindly into battle to “bring democracy” to the Koopas, nor will he stand for citizens resorting to eating mysterious mushrooms in lieu of a decent healthcare system. But what ...

“Mario’s Mistake” by… Anonymous?

Anyone happen to know where this gem is from? It’s pure genius.

SNL writers appear as Nintendo Mii’s during Emmys

Due to events beyond my control, aka a significant other, I was unable to avoid the Emmys last night. That said, I was able to see the SNL writers appear as Mii’s playing Wii Sports during their intro. Wii Sports… it got legs, huh?

The Onion punks Little League World Series with NES-inspired write-up

The Onion is at it again with this recap of the Little League World Series. The thing is, they used a current real event, the Little League World Series, but the game they described was actually the classic NES game Little League Baseball Championship Series (skill 1 hitters and pitchers, etc.) “Jerry had all his pitches working today: the fastball, the slowball, the ball that starts fast an...

Mario, when you have the star, you can’t get hurt!

You have to read the rest here. It’s sad, but it’s hilarious.

Miyamoto reveals Wii Music MP3

LOS ANGELES — Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Nintendo game development and an interactive entertainment icon the world over, today revealed an ambitious new Wii title that will entice even the most cautious of non-traditional gamers into the Wii fold. Called Wii Music Mp3, the title is meant to provide non-traditional players with a non-threatening and approachable music-playing venue right out...