Miyamoto reveals Wii Music MP3

LOS ANGELES — Shigeru Miyamoto, father of Nintendo game development and an interactive entertainment icon the world over, today revealed an ambitious new Wii title that will entice even the most cautious of non-traditional gamers into the Wii fold.

Called Wii Music Mp3, the title is meant to provide non-traditional players with a non-threatening and approachable music-playing venue right out of the box.

The controls, described in real-time by a grinning Miyamoto, are designed to be intuitive and usable. “What I find what is fun about music [games] is when you really get into a good rhythm and you have a great time performing. But the challenge is then, how do you do that in a way where people don’t have to worry about hitting the wrong note or making a mistake?” Miyamoto asked.

The answer, it would seem, is as obvious as an iPod. “Playing music in a video game format has never been easier!” Miyamoto said with a laugh. “You simply insert the Wii Music Mp3 disk, sit back, and do nothing!”

Miyamoto wasn’t embellishing the game’s incredible playability at all. Inserting the Wii Music Mp3 disk is all players will have to do until they want to stop. Then they can simply power down the console with a Wiimote. Nintendo didn’t reveal a track list for the title, but did confirm the Mario theme, a Zelda track and an unnamed Miley Cyrus song would all be available at launch this December.

And, since this is a “bridge game” meant to move beginner players up to more advanced titles in the Nintendo library, like the upcoming Wii Screen Saver, Miyamoto said there are advanced controls and modes that players can unlock once they reach the end of each song.

After the Miley Cyrus song, for example, players will access the “Play,” “Fast Forward,” and “Rewind” modes, which will allow for greater control and functionality. Each mode is represented on screen by cartoony triangle and double triangle shapes.

Using a Wiimote, players can stop titles using a simple shake. Interestingly, Nintendo said a “Stop button” mode is still being considered.

“We wanted this title to be accessible. Providing players with a stop button could be construed as too difficult; too hardcore,” Miyamoto said. “As the game stands now, there is absolutely no chance of failure–we want everyone to have fun!”

Wii Music Mp3 is expected to sell 100 million copies, analysts told Infendo Thursday morning.

Editor’s Note: Yes, this is satire. Or is it???