Nintendo’s Wii — the impulse buy

Today, having a product that is so good people cannot help themselves but buy it without thinking of their finances or well being became a bad thing. I’m talking about the term “impulse buy,” because today a Sony exec (see also: barking mad) said the Wii was an impulse buy. “Wii could be considered an impulse buy more than anything else,” said David Karraker, SCEAR...

Penny Arcade covers Reggie’s Assistant

fesworks (our resident gone in 60 seconds podcast ninja) dialed in to the tip line today with this heads up about Penny Arcade: “Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime cuts an imposing figure. Forum denizens are routinely shocked by the adulation this man receives, but if you have ever seen him, it isn’t especially shocking. He seems to project beyond himself, exerting a kind o...

Let it Bii

Not exactly an original idea, but the first time I’ve seen the Biitles on a t-shirt. Good form.

Nintendo Spotting: Icy Link edition

Looks like someone touched one of those spiky hockey puck things again… [Thanks, Matthew]

Homestar Runner games – now on Wii

The guys who run bring you Homestar Runner and his pals have provided a variety of retro-style games for many years. Now those games, published by “Videlectrix”, are available in an easy-to-access Wii interface through the Internet Channel. Point your Wii to and enjoy StrongBadZone, Secret Collect, Kid Speedy, and Population: Tire from the comfort of you...

PS3 kiosk workers playing Wii

I realize this isn’t unheard of, but it’s still a funny shot.

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