Valentine’s Day cards for the Nintendo fan

Did you forget that tomorrow is Valentine’s Day? Infendo’s blogging buddies at 4cr have you covered. Hop on over there, download, print, or email any from a selection of Wii, Metroid, DS, Phoenix Wright, or Zelda themed cards. I expect to find some of these in the construction paper covered shoebox on my desk at the Infendo Office Park.

Full House vs. Wii Sports

And with all due respect to every one of our friends and ninjas, here is Infendo post #2,500: [Thanks, Scott!]

How do you get a job in video games? Ask Yahoo!

I subscribe to Yahoo’s daily Ask Yahoo! column on my Google personalized homepage. It’s a creepy arrangement from which I derive a modicum of joy. Anyway, today’s column answers that age old question: What kind of background do I need to get a job in video games? Besides the obvious “eat your vegetables and stay in school, fool!” answers, it does provide some fun extr...

Penny Arcade pounces on Fox 6 Milwaukee

I’d love to pretend that little ol’ me here at Infendo influences what Penny Arcade puts up on their web site, but that’d be pathetic. As we all know, I am only slightly pathetic, and I am not quite ready to make the plunge 100% just yet. The PS3 game library is doing just fine in that department all on its own. Anyway, PA has a comic up today ridiculing Fox 6 Milwaukee and any o...

Wii weights

If the tide of cheesy peripherals hasn’t started to rise for the Wii already, it is now: The concept is actually just a prototype for the time being, but since the Wii is rapidly becoming a mass-market fad much like the exercise craze of the ’80s, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it become a reality. Each pocket is designed to hold a pound of sand for up to a total of 4-lbs. Whoa....

DS PictoChat opens pedophile doorway

First it was the Wii and its Opera Browser. Now it’s the DS and PictoChat. Fox News 6 “we need Advertising dollars mad quick” Milwaukee is reporting that PictoChat encourages child molesters to contact your children through their DS. This “story” ranks right up there with my local FOX 25 news at 10, which ran a story two weeks ago about Guitar Hero and how kids were h...

J Allard does Japanese homework on DS (with stand)

No, that’s not J Allard. Simma down now. The reason I posted this today was really to ask this question: Who amongst us uses or plans on using their DS for “other” activities outside gaming (Brain Age, Electroplankton, learning Japanese)? Is this something we’d see predominantly in Japan, or do you think the DS can become a multifaceted device in the North America and Europ...

Nintendo Spotting: Washed Up Celebrity Edition

Tara, get out of the shot. You’re ruining the Wii’s mojo. [Thanks, Hollywood Blake]

Nintendo Fan vid makes light of flying Wiimotes

Hold on tight. But is it authentic?

Wii rave imminent

This spin goes out to Blizake and all da Infendo ravers out there. Booyakasha!

Wii and Tupperware

I believe it was my man Denzel Washington who once said, “Tupperware ain’t got nothing on Wii!” before he and Ethan Hawk took out 30 thugs in the movie Training Day, but I could be wrong. What I do know is people are starting a new trend — with the Wii at its center. Kris Smith called it “the equivalent of a man Tupperware party.” In early December, he and a few...

Headspinning Wii Sports boxing K.O.

Neat video of a Wii Boxing glitch. Why the YouTube comment thread for this video turned into a racist schmorgisborg smörgÃ¥sbord I haven’t a clue. I blame Jack Thompson. [Via Joystiq]