Wii and Tupperware

I believe it was my man Denzel Washington who once said, “Tupperware ain’t got nothing on Wii!” before he and Ethan Hawk took out 30 thugs in the movie Training Day, but I could be wrong. What I do know is people are starting a new trend — with the Wii at its center.

Kris Smith called it “the equivalent of a man Tupperware party.” In early December, he and a few pals gathered in a basement in suburban Chicago to try out their friend’s brand new Nintendo Wii video game console.

At the end of the night, Smith, 32, was sweaty, exhausted, and completely sold on buying a Wii for himself.

Now, I hope that’s entirely from playing the Wii, but regardless I’m curious as to whether or not any Infendo readers out there have done the same?