Penny Arcade covers Reggie’s Assistant

fesworks (our resident gone in 60 seconds podcast ninja) dialed in to the tip line today with this heads up about Penny Arcade:

“Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime cuts an imposing figure. Forum denizens are routinely shocked by the adulation this man receives, but if you have ever seen him, it isn’t especially shocking. He seems to project beyond himself, exerting a kind of Reggie Field that dogs and many birds find unpleasant. Hearing a man speak with this much drive and confidence about an imaginary plumber is sort of enthralling.

It sounds like he’s looking for an assistant – but even if you meet the considerable requirements, you should know that you’re up against some fairly tough competition.”

To the adjoining Comic:

And I know you’ll all big boys and girls, but be forewarned that the strip has some blue language, regardless.

[Thanks, fes]