The Onion punks Little League World Series with NES-inspired write-up

The Onion is at it again with this recap of the Little League World Series. The thing is, they used a current real event, the Little League World Series, but the game they described was actually the classic NES game Little League Baseball Championship Series (skill 1 hitters and pitchers, etc.)

“Jerry had all his pitches working today: the fastball, the slowball, the ball that starts fast and then slows down right before it reaches the plate, and the breaking pitch that starts down the middle and then slowly curves 15 feet outside as the batter begins his swing,” Hershiser said. “His pitch sequences were set up beautifully. He did a great job of throwing pitches inside to make the batter stand in the far corner of the batter’s box, and then coming back with a fastball that painted the outside corner. Worked every time.”

I especially loved the ol’ fast-then-slow pitch, and the day I discovered I could jump to ctach screaming line drives (I was, and still am, a notorious instruction booklet tosser). Go Texas!