“Mario’s Mistake” by… Anonymous?

Anyone happen to know where this gem is from? It’s pure genius.

90 Responses to “Mario’s Mistake” by… Anonymous?

  1. Myst says:

    Why is Jason there?

  2. videoanime says:

    Hahahaaha, he’s not Jason, he’s Casey Jones, don’t you remember him?

  3. LeLoup says:

    Yeah, it’s Casey Jones, but they drew the wrong type of hockey mask. Casey’s was structured to look/fit the face unlike the one we associate with Jason.

  4. Damien says:

    It’s signed by TepocumoB, I actually had this picture for a few weeks. I came across it on some random Futaba style board, while looking for random stuff.

    Also, it’s not that bad, they’ll eventually come out of their shells.

  5. Joshdad says:

    OK, I get it. The Jason looking hockey mask threw me off at first.

  6. tychek0695 says:

    Ha yeah i saw that one a while ago at halolz.com theres a nintendo section and quite a few ssbb related pics… Its quite funny.

  7. Myst says:

    Is he from the comic books or something? I can’t remember seeing anyone like that back then. I watched it back in the early nineties though and there where only a few movies in Sweden back then.

  8. Derek says:

    Two of my favorite things about life: TMNT and SMB.

  9. Myst v.2.0 says:

    Wait…Mario is bald?

  10. Snip3rM00n says:

    OMG! Brilliant! Purely brilliant! 😀

  11. james42519 says:

    this is from the movies myst. remember the teenage mutant ninja Tuttle’s? the real life movies.

  12. Ryan G says:

    Great. Thanks for sharing a potential classic.

  13. Taylor says:


  14. Tammi says:

    @ pink
    Well no duh its “fake”
    its a drawing

    is this a facepalm moment Pinko?

  15. soapboxguy says:

    um tammi

    lurk moar

  16. Austen says:

    Where’s Donatello’s shell?

  17. rick says:

    Holy shit! casey has a freakin’ axe! And I thought the kricket bat would be bad…

  18. drifty says:

    would you folks be quiet?
    those peoples are havings a momentz of silenceseses.

  19. nooby booby girl says:


    this is probably from deviant art

  20. Jason says:

    You can see the signature of the person who drew this picture in the lower right hand corner. The signature looks far from anonymous.

  21. Jason says:

    Jesus Christ. I was about to say the same goddamn thing as the guy above me and we have the same name. Fuuuuuck.

  22. Jason says:

    Took me a while to realize that he killed them *gfaw*

  23. Mmmmmnice says:

    Haha! Took me a minute to realize Mario hopped on em… Genius!

  24. James says:

    /hell yes mario is bald! yeah whos casey whatever? freaking awesome drawing. enlarge the pic and try to focus the signature and then you know what it is. Pretty awesome.

  25. Mista Sinista says:

    yeah i didnt get the jumping on em thing either for a little while thats why i was looking in the comments

  26. sierra says:

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  27. Mario killed the Ninja Turtles. LMAO. Awesome

  28. funkymonky says:

    OOOOO….. at first i was like “wtf?” then when i saw the shells i was lmao.

  29. RoSE says:

    HaHaHa…. I took me a while to understand it…but..God!!..it so freaking awsome…

  30. Tired... says:

    When will people learn to enjoy art for what it is instead of shouting PHOTO SHOP!!! come on people please

  31. Brandon says:

    I agree Tired, seriously. photoshop is how a vast amount of illustration is created now, editorial for print, web, video, etc. It’s never been about the tools, it’s always been about concept.

  32. NO says:

    I see both tired and Brandon don’t get the point of saying photoshopped

    Either lurk moar or don’t reply
    It makes you look stupid

  33. hulkstolemybike says:

    Do people really don’t understand the sarcasm of ‘fake’ and ‘phoptoshopped’ comments? fail at getting joke is fail.

  34. Lil Joshu says:

    As for Casey Jones, he appears in…

    The comics.

    The original animated TV series.

    The games.

    The movies.

    The second animated TV series.

    I mean, seriously, Casey Jones, other than splinter and April O’neal, is the turtle’s biggest support character. In the movies he appears the most in the third movie (he teaches the japanese guys about hockey). The the tv show, he appears on occasion, but not that much, so easy to miss him there. Comics on occasion. And I think one of the games gave him a brief cameo. (Now that I stop and think about it, he’s not around all that much, but he’s still one of the biggest supporting characters. Makes me realize how few reoccurring support character there are… I think after him, on the turtle’s side, the next would be Mondo Gecko, and he showed up maybe three or four times total.)

    … and I’m not sure they’re coming back out… those shells look pretty hollow, and if they would come back soon, why would april cry?

  35. d says:

    They should have drawn Yoshi with wings (or whatever power he gets when he eats a purple shell).

  36. blackysky says:

    ahaha funny mario kill the ninja turtle ahahah thats a good one.. not possible but a good one

  37. lixcab says:

    Hahaha! Lol! Brilliant!

  38. Mary says:

    If you are in love with mario and play video games all day long, you really need a life

  39. Tristan says:

    The picture almost look like it could be from “A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible,” but on closer inspection, the artistic style is definitely different.

  40. ellie says:

    mary *points*

    shut the hell up

  41. Rightmove says:

    Finally an answer to who would win in a fight, Mario or Leonardo??

  42. Caryatid says:


    Actual picture is called “A Tragedy”

    Presuming that is the actual artist and not someone claiming it is their art. ^^

  43. CalDupont says:

    Caryatid, love your name, and I am pretty sure you are right.

    For those of you saying “lurk moar” those people don’t lurk enough to catch the advice, if you see this.

    Which brings me to my next point, flame comments are pointless. (check on irony, if anyone gets it)


  44. Henk says:

    awesome… very very well done. funny as hell.. later.

  45. Tester says:

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  51. dExtEr says:

    now i get it… mario used to kill some turtle koppas.. now mario makes a mistake by killing ninja turtles… hehe..

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  53. FPM (Gerasimov - russian surname) says:

    Heh, i made it.) I’m really glad you liked it. =)
    Casey’s Jasony look was a sort of a gag actualy, as well as April’s pijama butt, wich went rather unnoticed.

    And it was indeed painted in photoshop. 😉

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  56. tylor says:

    this isn’t 4chan. your stupid sarcastic fake and photoshops and moars and all that memeish bullshit that makes you feel like a member of teh intranetz (see look now i’m doing it) just takes away from whatever people are discussing.

  57. gmik says:

    looks nothing like casey jones. whoever did this don’t know SHIT about casey jones.

  58. daryl says:

    btw the blue turtle is Leonardo

  59. srkelley says:

    I finally get this joke, I’m so slow.

  60. IHerdYouLiek says:

    yeah, this is definitely photoshopped. you can tell by some of the pixels in the lower left hand corner… and having seen many photoshops in my time.

  61. kjkrum says:

    “It makes you look stupid”

    Talk about irony…

  62. andrew says:

    LOL mario kill the mutant ninjas turtle oh mah godde ima so sorry

  63. Lord of Numa says:

    Bunch of newfags up in this bitch…

  64. Anon says:

    Wow. I didn’t get it until I read the comments (the hockey mask had me thinking Jason a well). This is some funny sh!t though.

  65. I agree Tired, seriously. photoshop is how a vast amount of illustration is created now, editorial for print, web, video, etc. It’s never been about the tools, it’s always been about concept. What never changes is the constant quality of art displaced by all the people that walk this earth. I prefer art like this, which is, more relate able to my generation and creative and thought provoking.

  66. Haha, this is funny and I liked the art. Anyway, casey jones really looked like Jason in here. He’s even got an axe and scary.

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  68. john Turner says:

    This is Awesome, and a Game Franchise for the Future!

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