Donkey Kong

eShop adds a great GB classic

The 3DS eShop’s first weekly shipment of fresh titles has arrived, and you can’t miss the 500 pound gorilla taking his place as the star of the week. Donkey Kong for Gameboy is definitely worth buying. Arguably the best classic-style Donkey Kong game, DK GB plays out as one long, fun adventure with Mario pursuing the ape through 100 different levels of frantic jumping, climbing and sma...

No more Retro Donkey Kong?

If you enjoyed last year’s revival of the Donkey Kong Country franchise, this may be sad news to you. In a recent interview with Game Informer, Retro Studio’s CEO Michael Kelbaugh told the magazine “I wouldn’t say we won’t do a sequel [for Donkey Kong Country Returns], but we don’t have anything planned at this time.” This surely isn’t an outright confirmation that Donkey Kong Coun...

Donkey Kong spotted hanging out with bananas

Anyone else find DK and Diddy hanging out on your bananas? Looks like he’s promoting a Chiquita Bananas contest where you show off your Donkey Kong dance skills for a chance to win a trip to Chichen Itza in Mexico. The deadline is tomorrow.

It’s a Donkey Kong Kind of Christmas

Nothing says happy holidays quite like a barrel to the head.

Before his return, reminisce over his past

In just a few hours, Donkey Kong Country returns. Excited yet? I am. Like, a lot. I’ve had bananas and barrels on the brain for days. In fact, for the last week over at my day job, I’ve been revisiting some of the ape’s biggest games: His timeless debut, his son’s rescue mission, his Super NES resurrection and his polygonal disappointment. Click through the links to watch m...

New Game Get – Donkey Kong, Sonic, and Harry Potter invade a store near you

The holiday push continues this week with Donkey Kong Country Returns, Sonic Colors, Harry Potter, the Sims, and many other franchises hitting the stores. What’s on your wish list? Click on in for all Wii & DS games released November 15th-21st.

Awkward title, great game…and DS auto pilot!

It looks like a modest little puzzle game. It waits for you, secretly chuckling. You have no idea how much fun you’re about to have. When you start Mario Vs. Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem, it immediately hits you with classic  first-party Nintendo polish and charm: Great music, crisp animation, perfect play mechanics and Donkey Kong acting like a complete jerk. As you play, the game’s ins...

Donkey Kong Country Returns to become third Nintendo game with auto-pilot control

Auto-pilot gaming is coming to Donkey Kong Country Returns. First introduced in New Super Mario Bros. Wii and later on Super Mario Galaxy 2, the so-called Super Guide gives players the option to turn on auto-controls after dying eight consecutive times. Designed by Shigeru Miyamoto—as were many of Nintendo’s best ideas—the feature only finishes the current level and can be turned off at ...

Nintendo to Invade Pax! Brings everything except Zelda and the 3DS

Their booth number is 352, and according to the info I just received, they will be bringing a bunch of games. That includes a brand new WiiWare title called Fluidity. Fluidity combines an amazing physics engine that realistically models flowing water with innovative puzzle game play. Using the three forms of water – liquid, ice and cloud – players will solve challenging puzzles across multiple...

Infendo Radio 193 is on like Donkey Kong

Do you remember a simpler time, when games didn’t need colors and p0lygons to be great? Infendo Radio does.   This week Sean, Alexis, and Zac talk a little about the game that started it all: Donkey Kong – the remakes, the high scores, and the hot-sauce.   Also on the table? Industry layoffs and third party support.  Check it out: Radio Feed iTunes Feed Check out the Download Links ...

Nintendo: Bringing all species together

Gorillas. Gaming.  Now we just need to get him pwning n00bs over Nintendo WiFi connection and we’ll have something. (Reality: A kid at the San Francisco Zoo dropped his DS and the animals were fascinated.  And who can blame them! More primate on DS action at GIZMODO)

Best-looking Nintendo game at E3

After the 3DS, this is the best-looking thing Nintendo showed today. Seriously. Those graphics are just begging to be played.