Best-looking Nintendo game at E3


After the 3DS, this is the best-looking thing Nintendo showed today. Seriously. Those graphics are just begging to be played.


  1. This was super exciting, but I honestly think Kid Icarus stole the show, that was a great move by Nintendo, and hopefully this is the rebirth of a AAA franchise. I mean, I just want to play it so badly already, DK can wait, heck, even Zelda can wait now, I give my vote to Kid Icarus.

  2. While Kid Icarus is nice and all, I think this will be a bigger hit then Kid Icarus b/c more ppl recognize the DK character from his multitude of game appearances and from having played those games…

  3. It’s also the best sounding. (I think.) Good Lord, I love that music.

  4. I keep playing this video over and over just to hear the music, lol. It’s open in a tab and I just hit replay when it ends.

  5. I’m looking forward to this game, but I can’t believe no one has mentioned how much more cartoony and simple the games graphics are in comparison to the SNES DKC games. Even with it’s 16-bit sprites the original DKC looks more lush and realistic than this. And if anything the Prime series proved that Retro Studios really knows how to make gorgeous Nintendo games, so I’m disappointed in that regard.

    I hope that before this game released they polish up the graphics, and–for the love of God–add the rest of the Kong cast to the game! I want a new DKC game, not a Nintendo-ified DKC game (see DK: Jungle Beat).

  6. Come to think of it, these graphics have a lot more in common with DK: Jungle Beat and DK64 than they do the DKC series. I hope Retro really does the DKC series and it’s fans justice.

  7. Although the graphics look great I would give my vote to best looking game to Kirby Epic Yarn. I loved the way it looked. I can not wait to play that game!!!

  8. I’m loving the art style. The character models (especially the enemies) look fantastic.

    That sunset level looks so beautiful, I want to go to there.

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