eShop adds a great GB classic


The 3DS eShop’s first weekly shipment of fresh titles has arrived, and you can’t miss the 500 pound gorilla taking his place as the star of the week. Donkey Kong for Gameboy is definitely worth buying.

Arguably the best classic-style Donkey Kong game, DK GB plays out as one long, fun adventure with Mario pursuing the ape through 100 different levels of frantic jumping, climbing and smashing.

The music is retro-awesome, the controls are sharp, and–seriously–this is one excellent-looking gameboy title. The black and white imagery gives the game a whimsical old-time movie atmosphere that matches the theme perfectly.

The update also brings us a handful of new DSiware and a group of new categories to highlight more titles from the archives. No 3D classics or 3DS originals this time around, but the Big Ape’s arrival more than makes up for that.

Have you played DK GB? How would you rank it among Kong’s misadventures (Yes, I know it’s really Mario’s story, but no one classifies this as a Mario game).


  1. Wasn’t this more like an adaptation of the original Donkey Kong? Why not just release the original in glorious HD?

  2. InvisibleMan–

    This version expands the original into a much broader adventure while still staying true to its roots. I’d actually call this a better game.

  3. Well…I can get a meal or this game – prices really need to go down by the way.

    Is this game worth dinner?

  4. Monkat–

    Yes. Unless you’re really hungry. I agree the GB prices need reducing, but this game is more fun than the last four 99 cent iPhone games I bought.

  5. You could buy this and a McDouble for five bucks plus tax

    Also, dang I should have waited, and bought this instead of Super Mario Land. Will probably buy this too, anyway, because I don’t think I’ve ever played it

  6. This is on my list of top ten games of all time.

  7. This is one of the best games of the 1990s. Seriously.

  8. dang, why does only the 3DS receive this masterpiece? I wish I had a flash cart, I’d be able to play this sucker on my XL.

  9. DK for Gameboy? A timeless masterpiece!

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