E3 WiiWare – A Collection of Good Titles


Icarian: Kindred Spirits is an upcoming WiiWare game by Spanish developers Over the Top Games. Icarian has been compared to Kid Icarus series mostly because the main character plays like Pit from Kid Icarus. The only difference is that there is a limit to how long the character can fly or float across screen, and there is a bunch of puzzle elements that require you to move blocks and objects across the screen with the WiiMote.

The game is set in Ancient Greece and it incorporates different types of mythological creatures and a mixture of Greek Gods into mix. The Players control Nyx, who happens to be a winged girl, who has befriended Icarus. This happens after Icarus was found her realm in the sky.

When Icarus mysteriously disappears, Nyx sets out to find him. During her adventure to find Icarus, she gains assistance from the various Greek Gods. They assist Nyx by giving her special powers and power ups to help her. These will include letting players cast rays, move objects, manipulate the scenery and control the wind.

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