E3 Link Dump, courtesy 4cr

Super Mario GalaxyRumas over at 4cr has done the hard work this morning, assembling more than a dozen links to Nintendo E3 content–including videos, interviews, screenshots and a slew of hands-on impressions of Mario and Metroid (the first paragraph in the Metroid one is interesting, to say the least…).

You can find 4cr’s linkage here and here, and you can wash the drool off of your mouth after that.

Then if you like, come on back here to Infendo and let’s get a vibe going. Mario and Metroid seem to be the one-two punch Nintendo needs right now to get its more traditional customer base back in lockstep, but maybe you don’t think so. The keynote was no ground breaker, that’s for sure (aside from WiiFit), but the hands-on time we’re seeing from all these media outlets is much more important, I think. G4 had some interesting shots of a few brand new 3rd party games last night that I had never seen before too. A bouncing blob that needs to paint a completely black and white world with splashes of color? Wha wha wha?

Anyway what say you? How has this rollercoaster of an E3 left you feeling this morning?