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Hands On: Lost in Shadow

For those who haven’t heard of this unique title heading to the Wii from Hudson Entertainment; Lost in Shadow is a puzzle platformer that puts you in the shadows. You are the personification of a young boy’s shadow who is,

Hudson announces Lost in Shadow

Hudson has just released a batch of screen shots for the upcoming Wii game Lost in Shadows. “Lost In Shadow is different from anything else seen on Wii before – mixing unique platform elements with levels of puzzles into a

E3 WiiWare – A Collection of Good Titles

While hanging out at the Nintendo both I managed to just barely spot the WiiWare specific section. Where it had Cave Story, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Icarian: Kindred Spirits, BIT. TRIP. CORE.,and Military Madness Nectaris. Being a big

NYCC: Marble Saga: Kororinpa

February Sixth, I entered New York Comic Con but a small fan of labyrinth style games. February Eighth, I left Comic Con a huge fan of marble based games. Marble Saga: Kororinpa is the sequel to a small and slightly

Unemployed? Hudson’s got the game for you!

Is the sagging job market keeping you down? Feeling unemployed, useless, and pathetic? Hudson Entertainment understands, and they want to give you a job. Sort of.  Help Wanted, due out Summer 2009, is an “life-simulation” game where the player has

WiiWare – Pool Revolution: Cue Sports

Looking for that good pool game on the Wii? Well it seems that Hudson has got our back with a WiiWare game named Pool Revolution. Players can choose from the most popular types of pool for up to four players,