WiiWare – Pool Revolution: Cue Sports

Looking for that good pool game on the Wii? Well it seems that Hudson has got our back with a WiiWare game named Pool Revolution. Players can choose from the most popular types of pool for up to four players, including eight ball, nine ball, rotation, and snooker.

It also has in-game explanation to help provide descriptions of anything you need to know, for say that friend who always wanted to play pool but never really did. There is also a Puzzle Mode where you can do trick shots or if you feel you have the skill you can even set up your own trick shots. If you could not tell from the above image it has Mii Support, hit the jump for a few more screens.

Looking good there Pool Revolution.

8 Responses to WiiWare – Pool Revolution: Cue Sports

  1. ejamer says:

    After playing the (surprisingly fun) pool mini-game included with Wii Play, I’ve been waiting for someone to offer a solid pool game on the system. You can never tell how good something will be before it’s released… but my fingers are crossed that Hudson will wow us with this title.

  2. mcbennet says:

    this is why the Wii fails

  3. ejamer says:

    @mcbennet: Care to clarify?

    A simple game, offered as a cheap download that recreates a game experience you can’t get on any other gaming system sounds like a good idea to me. Wouldn’t be the first time I’m wrong… but your complete lack of arguments isn’t convincing.

  4. Liraco says:

    It’s certainly looking good, and Hudson seems to be making good games for Wiiware so far so let’s give them a chance to prove this game is worth the money.

  5. Jaime says:

    When will this thing be available? I WANT!

  6. doughboy74 says:

    Looks like something that I would get. It is already out in EU & Japan.

  7. AC says:

    i already have midnight pool, and i thought it was pretty decent. hudson may have been a little too late.

  8. Damien says:

    I don’t know if this will be a good game or not. Pool and Fishing games have always been either hit or miss. I’m going to have to wait for a review before I can decide anything.

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