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BurgerTime World Tour Coming To WiiWare

The classic platform puzzler game has its roots all the way back to the Atari and the more popular version of the NES is coming to WiiWare. Is this what Nintendo fans want? More retro games being rehashed? While BurgerTime

Why the Original NES Ice Hockey Needs a WiiWare Update

Maybe it’s because I’m turning into an old man, or maybe it’s because I’m Canadian, but one of my favorite sports games is still the original NES Ice Hockey. Like so many of Nintendo’s other games, Ice Hockey relies on

WiiWare Demo service hits Shop Channel TODAY!

Nintendo’s new WiiWare demo service hit European and Australian Wii consoles early this morning – and Nintendo soon followed with an official press update, indicating it will be available today for North American consoles as well: This week, Wiiâ„¢ owners

Nintendo might offer Wii Ware Demos soon?

According to a recent Joystiq article, Nintendo is planning to start releasing demos of Wii Ware games to help promote the Wii Shop Channel. During the recent investor Q&A session, Satoru Iwata announced plans to begin rolling out demos for

2D Boy Celebrates World of Goo’s Birthday With Pay-What-You-Want Pricing, Shares Results

Has it really been a year already? 2D Boy. I love you, 2D Boy. The gaming studio (composed of only two guys) celebrated the one year anniversary of their smash hit World of Goo by conducting an experiment in which

LostWinds sequel arrives Oct. 19 on Wii for $10

Developer Frontier today announced that the sequel to the well-received LostWinds will arrive next Monday on WiiWare for a mere $10, featuring “production values to match the very best Wii disc titles.” Said Frontier founder David Braben, “The original LostWinds