2D Boy Celebrates World of Goo’s Birthday With Pay-What-You-Want Pricing, Shares Results


Has it really been a year already? 2D Boy. I love you, 2D Boy. The gaming studio (composed of only two guys) celebrated the one year anniversary of their smash hit World of Goo by conducting an experiment in which they allowed customers to choose how much they wanted to pay for the game. 2D Boy then shared their sales data for all to see and draw assumptions from.

“Huge success” is a pretty vague term, and we’re not going to leave you hanging.  The purpose of this post is to share the data we’ve collected during the experiment, not do draw conclusions.  This is just one data point about how this kind of pricing methodology can work, and we would need other developers to try it with different games and under different circumstances in order to be able to draw any real conclusions.  One thing we can say for sure, is that a large reason this experiment generated so many sales, is the huge amount of press and blog coverage it got.  We want to thank everyone who bought the game in the last week, and everyone who helped spread the word!

The average price that people paid was around $2.00, with a few paying as much as $50. Check out 2D Boy’s Blog for full information on the results of the experiment.