Wii Update: SD copying up to 5x faster!

Have you been waiting for Nintendo’s Wii Storage Solution? The Wii System update earlier this week took us a step closer to playing games directly from SD, but you may have missed it. In addition to enhanced parental controls, USB keyboard support for the Mii Channel, and a modified privacy policy, update 3.4 boasts dramatically increased SD transfer speeds. This update marks Nintendo’s first step toward the storage solution announced in early October. If everything goes to plan, you should be able to play your WiiWare and Virtual Console games directly from SD media in spring of 2009. Hit the jump to see the new lightning quick transfer in action.


Transferring World of Goo used to three or more minutes to copy to SD card, with the new update, it only takes about thirty seconds!

Thanks to The Tanooki for the video.