Brownie Brown wants to develope for Wii & DS

According to a recent article on Silconera, it would seem that Brownie Brown wants to try and jump into Wii development. Shinichi Kameoka, President of Brownie Brown, is starting to really look into WiiWare and the possibility of developing new exclusive titles for the system. Brownie Brown has a great track record dealing with various hand held RPG’s ranging from Sword of Mana all the way up to the upcoming Blue Dragon Plus for the Nintendo DS.

What also came as a surprise is the fact that Kameoka mentioned the possibility of releasing Mother 3 on the Nintendo DS. According to Silconera…

Brownie Brown also had a hand in developing Mother 3. While it’s way too late for Nintendo of America to backtrack and release Mother 3 as a Game Boy Advance game they could port it to the Nintendo DS. “If we were asked to make one [a DS version of Mother 3], then we would definitely like for fans abroad to play the game,” Kameoka-san said.

The possibility of seeing a DS port of Mother 3 would probably send fans of the series into a frenzy. While Mother 3 probably won’t be released for a while it does give slight hope to the game being released sometime in the future. Who knows if they will go through with rereleasing it. Only time will tell.

Via Go-Nintendo

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