Which WiiWare games should everyone buy?

WiiWare launch titles
As I’m sure you’ve heard, WiiWare launched in North America today with six games. The only one, and I do mean only, that I wouldn’t spend money on is VIP Blackjack. I’ve already purchased and played both My Life as a King and Lost Winds (impressions coming soon, but they are both beautifully looking and sounding games), and am already eying TV Show King, Defend Your Castle, and Pop in that order. Buying them all would set you back $54, not a bad deal me thinks.

But you’re not going to buy them all, are you? That being the case, please offer your thoughtful recommendations in the below comments: which games should everyone buy, why/why not, what’s good, what’s not, what has impressed you the most about WiiWare so far? Let’s hear it, folks!