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February Sixth, I entered New York Comic Con but a small fan of labyrinth style games. February Eighth, I left Comic Con a huge fan of marble based games. Marble Saga: Kororinpa is the sequel to a small and slightly unknown gem known as Marble Manaia: Kororinpa; it was released amongst the masses of great good games in 2007 and quickly fell to obscurity (as well as price gouging on e-bay). Enough about that though, this is about Hudson’s new Kororinpa game! Hit the jump to find out almost everything about it.

Hudson’s new game Kororinpa caters to the Marble fan whose interest is taking a different marbles through various designed mazes. Each area generally has a bunch of various hazards and marble effecting areas that cause your marble to either shrink, grow larger, stick to a wall, or shoot it across a chasm. You would think that would be a challenge in itself, but then you throw in different types of marbles you can use with different stats and handling abilities and you get a very well open ended game.

The story of Marble Saga Koririnpa is based on an Ant who is named Anthony. Anthony is set out on a quest to find the fabled Golden Sunflower; which his colony needs to get in order to survive. The goal of the game is to help guide Anthony’s marble around the Ant World to gather essential items, other marbles, and various powers until you ultimate goal to reach the Golden Sunflower.

The controls are pretty simple for Marble Saga, as you generally either use the WiiMote to balance the stage and move your marble along. However, if you feel like that isn’t challenging enough, you can crack out the Wii Balance board and use that instead. Which can make the game a really fun party game, especially since you can customize your own marble with a Mii give it it’s own design and stats.

Customization plays a huge role in Marble Saga, as not only are you allowed to create your own marbles but you can create your own fully working stages. Which you can share with your friends over WiiConnect 24, and see which one of your friends could complete it the fastest. Along with racing people for stage completion times, you can also compete with the whole world over with the WiFi Leader boards.

The game also contains over one hundred and fifty all new levels which are split up in seven different areas around the world of Kororinpa. If that wasn’t enough to keep you playing the game after a while, Hudson is also planning to release extra levels for download over WiFi. [No word if they are planning to charge for the DLC]

Marble Saga Kororinpa also supports “Four Person Multiplayer” where you can go head to head over split screen. You can play with three other people on the same map as you race to the finish line to see who gets there first. With the perfect mixture of Puzzle, Party, and Creation, this seems to be one of the games you should definitely consider getting on the Wii. Also the game is a must if you ever played and liked those marble labyrinth games. Has anyone ever played the original Kororinpa? Anything to add? leave it in the comments.

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  1. Johnny 5 says:

    Can’t wait for this game, amazing original. Thanks for the update. Also, you might want to consider ‘Saving for Web’ (in photoshop). This article’s images are quite large for simple screen viewing and it slows down the loading time. Sorry to derail the topic a tad. Great work as always guys!

  2. XCWarrior says:

    Sounds like it could be a real winner. This is what I really want to use the balance board for, would love a release date.

  3. Greg in PA says:

    the original was about 2 hours in length however it was so much fun i played it all over again in mirror mode and still consider it one of the most purely fun wii games only held back from being more fondly remembered because of the complete lack of value, glad i rented it great time nevertheless

  4. raindog469 says:

    The original was overpriced (and still is, due to its relative rarity) but was like methadone for my Marble Madness craving. It desperately needs some kind of enemy like those in Marble Madness: black marbles, roving acid slime monsters, surprise pop-up vacuum cleaners, etc. But as simulations of wooden marble mazes go, it was beautiful.

    On the other hand, it was also another one of those games where the first world was gorgeous and everything after it was kind of annoying (especially candyland or whatever the second one was called.)

    I’ll get this eventually, but not till it drops in price. If it’s a repeat of the first one and becomes scarce, I’ll probably never get it unless I subscribe to Gamefly or something.

  5. InvisibleMan says:

    How does Kororinpa rate against Mercury Meltdown Revolution?

  6. Greg in PA says:

    @ invisibleman
    theyre very different games with Kororinpa not having any of the color puzzles in MMR and Kororinpa was also much shorter and it was more money so like i said its a definite rental but i preferred the controls, graphics and level layout of Kororinpa much more.

  7. XCWarrior says:

    Mercury Meltdown Revolution is a great game. Some of the best $10 I ever spent. You can find it for cheap, I highly recommend picking it up.

  8. Fabio says:

    Isn’t it similar to, lets say, Monkey Ball (also from Sega)?

  9. N.C.Probst says:

    @ Fabio

    It says “Saga” not “Sega”. I missread it too 🙂

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