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Pause Menu: What do you hope to see in the new Legend of Zelda?

After reading Holly’s Retro Redux, I was inspired to create an ongoing feature myself. As the title suggests, it will be a weekly article that I hope will provide food for thought for you readers. So welcome to the Pause

“A New Challenger Approaches”

Hello everyone. My name is Justin, and I’m excited to announce I am joining the Infendo team. I have written for a variety of websites in the past and I look forward to contributing to this site in any way

The calm before the storm: Infendo’s E3 2014 predictions

E3 2014 is upon us, which is a blessing (and a curse for the stress and writing workload) for many game journalists and bloggers like us at Infendo. In a span of a few short days, Nintendo will be unveiling

A darker side of a Legend of Zelda

Isn’t it strange how a series which follows the same formula through multiple titles and is still one of Nintendo’s major accomplishments, this series is the Legend of Zelda. But now this blueprint is becoming a bit stale, Link always

Is a Majora’s Mask remake in the works?

  The legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a very contested entry in the series, some say its a much superior game then Ocarina of Time while others claim that the N64 classic is still the greatest Zelda tale ever

Different trophies will grace Super Smash Bros. Wii U, 3DS

Remember how painstakingly difficult it was to collect every character or item trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee? Of course you do, after the hours-upon-hours of unlocking them, that is. Well, the much-applauded trophy system in Super Smash Bros. will