Majora’s Mask: Now Even Scarier

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Majora’s Mask…for some, it was the origin of many nightmares as a child.  Others could not even finish the game due to the amount of horror contained within.  Many Creepypasta have also been created to expand upon the sheer fright that this game has brought upon the unsuspecting Zelda fan…

Many feel that the only way to make this game even creepier would be an HD remake…but I found another…

Youtuber Criken2 spent months creating a new texture pack, alongside fellow modder Shayne, and so was born the Legend of Cage: Beneath the Mask…

Before you watch, be warned…it is truly frightening…



Since we are on the topic of scary, if you are a fan of comic books, and horror, check out this horrifying kickstarter project!

4 Responses to Majora’s Mask: Now Even Scarier

  1. cowmanodoom says:

    Oh my goodness! Lol! I really hope you are joking when you say this is scary!

  2. Essel Pratt says:

    well…maybe Scary Amazing!

  3. Drahken says:

    Ben drowned….

  4. JoelIsDrinkingATwoLiterBottleOfCountryTimeLemonade says:

    …I. Want. This.

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