Wait…What’s Left?Looking Forward to E3

Before the dust settles after this morning’s press event, I am already thinking about E3.  With almost all of Nintendo’s loose ends tied up this morning, that leaves me thinking about what they didn’t tell us: the second half of the year.

Youtube Tuesday – Classic Zelda Rap

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTCe_0KxK2w[/youtube] WARNING: CONTAINS EXPLICIT LYRICS This is probably the coolest RAP-N.E.S. music cross over. You can relive the entire adventure of the Legend of Zelda through this little quirky video. [Via The Adventure Of]

New hardware, MotionPlus game mentioned by Miyamoto

“Did I do it again? Did I let something slip?! I just get so excited!” As the recipient of a “Special Achievement Prize” during a symposium at the 13th Annual Japan Media Arts Festival on Saturday, Shigeru “loose lips” Miyamoto had time to spill two tidbits of information while up on stage. Not only has Miyamoto confirmed that Nintendo is working on some new ha...

No more dungeons? Zelda producer talks upcoming Wii game

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVx085_oPQ0[/youtube] See that video up there? It’s an interview with Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma, in which he partly talks about the still unnamed Zelda game for Wii. Two things you need to know: 1) The game features 1-to-1 controls. That is to say, “the movement of your arms are precisely reflected in the gameplay whereby Link is wielding his sw...

Zelda sales comparison shows Ocarina on top

The chart above is a comparison of the worldwide sales of each of the 3D Zelda console games. A 3D chart comparing 3D Zelda sales’cue the mind blow! More than a decade since its release, 1998’s Ocarina of Time stands as the best-selling 3D Zelda game to date with 7.6 million copies sold. The latest entry in the series, Twilight Princess, is gaining on the legendary Nintendo 64 classic, selli...