Weekend Discussion: The Legend Of Zelda



What are The Legend of Zelda’s best ever games?

 It began way back in 1986 with the release of The Legend of Zelda in Japan. Since then, people from around the globe have enjoyed Link’s adventures across a number of Nintendo consoles.

But while there’s no title available for Wii U just yet, all this is about to change as a high-definition remake of the classic Wind Waker hits shelves later this year. The anticipation for its arrival got us thinking of some of the best offerings from a consistently impressive franchise.

imagesOcarina of Time

 As the first Zelda of the 3D era, this game brought an entirely new outlook for fans and is widely considered to be an all-time great. When it was made available at the end of 1998 it included some revolutionary gameplay features, including the ability to lock-on to a specific target when battling. Such is its appeal that it is now available for Nintendo 3DS and was even released as part of a limited edition bundle.

The Wind Wakerimages

 It would be impossible to ignore The Wind Waker – and not simply because of the upcoming Wii U version. From the cel-shaded graphics to the clarity of emotions shown on Link’s face while the action unfolded, it brought a number of new elements to the series. It also contained a vast world for players to explore.

index A Link to the Past

 The third Zelda game was the first on the SNES and introduced a number of new features that would influence future releases, such as the ability to perform a spin attack. Despite its 2D top-down perspective it holds up in terms of addictive gameplay even now. The good news for Nintendo 3DS owners is that it was recently announced that a sequel The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds will be available in November.

Twilight Princessimages

 As an early release for the Wii this game drove demand for the console and – as you would expect – featured the most impressive graphics seen in the series up until that point. It abandoned the more cartoon-like style of The Wind Waker for a return to more realistic visuals and introduced a variety of interesting elements such as riding on horseback and Link’s transformation in to a wolf.

With so many Zelda games out there which is your favorite? Perhaps the best is yet to come?


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  1. In my opinion it’s A Link to the Past, I still play this regularly and I remember being blown away the first time I entered the dark world! Ocarina of time is incredible as well but LTTP shades it for me.

  2. IMO…

    OOT is the best video game I’ve ever played, so for me it’s an easy choice. The first time I played it I was actually depressed with the final fight with Ganon was starting because I didn’t want the game to end.

    After that I’d say Twilight Princess. I liked the wolf transformations and would like to see that return eventually.

    I also enjoyed Minish Cap. The little animations the cap would do were funny to me, and I liked the story too. The handheld Zelda’s seem more lighthearted. Having Zelda more involved in Spirit Tracks was fun, but I can’t see them doing that in a console version.

    Wind Waker was great, but the sailing was awkward and got boring after a while. I began not looking forward to playing the game because I was sick of the water and the wand.

    At the bottom of my list I’d put Zelda 2, and nothing is close.

  3. Majora’s Mask- I really can’t think of any other game that made me care so much about the characters in the world. The setting, the music, the “you’ve met a terrible fate” I love Ocarina but was just wowed by its successor.

    For handheld Minish Cap. I got it with the ambassador program for the 3ds and had never played it. Great game and can see why Vaati is a popular villain

  4. 1. Console 3D Zelda/All Time Favorite – Wind Waker. It was the first Zelda I actually played the entirety of. I loved it so much, and it’s what actually got me into the series. Super excited about the HD remake! Though, in all honesty, it doesn’t REALLY need it…

    2. Console 2D Zelda – A Link to the Past. I really enjoy it, from the story to the music and everything, really! Dark World theme is probably my favorite overworld of the entire series. I haven’t beaten it yet, but I’m working on it on the Wii’s VC, I’m on the 4th Dark World dungeon.

    3. Handheld Original Zelda – Phantom Hourglass. Honestly, it’s not one of the better Zelda games, but it’s NOT a bad game, by far, and it still has a special place in my heart. I enjoyed how it continued off of Wind Waker. I really liked the customizable boat, and it introduced one of my favorite Zelda characters, Captain Linebeck. Made the final boss that much more epic, to me.
    If I could, I would have a life size, fully functioning replica of the S.S. Linebeck made!

    4. Handheld Remake Zelda – Ocarina of Time 3D (duh). I loved the original, but it didn’t fit on my list of favorites, so here is the remake to make up for that! OoT WAS the first Zelda game I actually played, but I never owned it, and as such, never got past the Great Deku Tree. When I heard of the remake, I quickly borrowed a copy of the original from a friend and beat it before the remake actually came out, so that I can actually see what all the differences would be. Needless to say, it’s one of my favorite Zelda titles, and the remake just makes an awesome game unthinkably better!

  5. Note: the numbers are moreso to seperate the titles, they don’t really necessarily mean to give an order to my favorites. If It were in order from most to least favorite, it’d go:
    1. WW
    2. OoT3D
    3. ALttP
    3. PH

  6. 4. PH*

  7. Gonna have to say I’m not a fan of Zelda games in general. Never liked them back in the NES and SNES days when I used to hire games when I was young, I thought Ocarina looked interested until I played it, but then again I didn’t enjoy hardly any N64 games due to the horrible fuzzy graphics it produced.

    I gave Twilight Princess a go, but it became a bit overwhelming and I gave up on it. But i did enjoyFour Swords when it was released as a free give away. Lots of fun to be had. I really wish Nintendo would put it up on the eShop for people to buy so more people can play it. I think I will still give Wind Waker a go when it’s released but I think I won’t like it as much as the 3DS version. I mean, there has to be something I am missing. I want to like the series, but I don’t know why it doesn’t click with me, but it doesn’t.

  8. How much hate will I receive by sharing Zelda II was one of my favorite Zelda games?

  9. Won’t receive any hate from me, Essel, Zelda II is one of my favorites, too. Not on my list above, but still a favorite. The first classic 2D Zelda I’ve beaten.

  10. My favorite is still (and will always be) the original Legend of Zelda. Nothing gives me a sense of nostalgia like the open credits and music that kicks in when you fire it up. Back before the days of the internet, my brother and I spent hours scouring that game for secrets. I remember coming across screens that were side to side mountain walls and thinking, “I don’t have enough bombs to check every possible spot!” It was engulfing and engaging and, at times, infuriating all in the best ways.

    I still don’t think that any of the sequels live up to the open world feel of exploration and discovery from that one. (Ocarina may be close, but I never played through the whole thing – but I did enjoy what I played.)

    I pretty much lost interest in games after that one and didn’t really attempt a new Zelda until Twilight Princess. I liked that all right, but again, too much hand holding throughout. Everywhere you bomb is clear because there’s an obvious pixel “crack” in the wall or other formatted graphic. There’s a little exploration, but you feel caged in rather than open to explore – like you’re on a track.

    That being said, I really really enjoy Skyward Sword. Sure, it too felt like it was on rails, and I didn’t enjoy that so much. But I did enjoy the game play and the scale of it all. Plus, it’s the first 3D game I’ve ever played where swimming made sense to me. That in itself is an accomplishment. Plus the skydiving mechanic was so utterly satisfying to me. I must have spent a couple hours just jumping off the bird.

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  12. Link’s Awakening fo sho.