If I was a kid, I know what I’d put on my Christmas list

I remember hearing, months, ago, that K’nex was releasing a line of Mariokart Wii sets. Apparently, they’ve been out for a while. But I’d never actually seen them in person until I stopped by Target’s toy section after picking up my copy of Skyward Sword at 8:00 Sunday morning.

Chain Chomps! Thwomps! Multiple expansion packs! If these had been around when I was a kid, I wouldn’t have rested until I’d saved enough allowance to build a track spanning my entire room. Considering the price tags on these sets, that probably would have taken me until high school graduation.

The difference between kids and adults is that adults need to create a plausible excuse for purchasing toys for themselves. For instance, I’m suddenly imagining a Mariokart track around the base of my Christmas tree. See? Suddenly it’s not childish, it’s “creative.”