NES controls that stand the test of time

In December, Game Informer named The Legend of Zelda “the greatest game of all time” on their Top 200 list. I disagree, if only for one reason: its controls—namely the inability to move diagonally, which fail to stand the test of time (having seen the light of modern controls). Make no mistake, playing Zelda in 1986 was a revelation. But playing today feels clunky, unlike Mario. Link...

Zelda’s new look?

Hmm. I’ve since warmed to the new pseudo-cel shaded look of the upcoming Wii MotionPlus-enhanced Zelda title, but the look of this deviantart submission has kind of given me second thoughts about what the next title in the series should look like… [Thanks 4cr for locating this gem]

Zelda: Skyward Sword has an overworld underworld complex

As producer Eiji Aonuma explains it: “Traditionally a dungeon is a place where it’s all about combat and going from room to room, defeating enemies to get to the end. In Zelda: Skyward Sword, we’re trying to move the small connected dungeon rooms into an area that might traditionally be considered a field or overworld. We’re thinking about creating dungeons where you don...

Zelda music appearing in Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World

Edgar Wright’s film adaptation of the Scott Pilgrim comic series is looking awesomer and awesomer. According to Siliconera, who saw a screening of the film at Comi-Con, the movie utilizes remixed music and iconic sound effects from The Legend of Zelda series, notably, The Great Fairy Theme. To acquire permission from Nintendo for the use of the song, director Edgar Wright had to write to Shi...

In case you missed it, Zelda: Skyward Sword is being directed by one of my favorites

His name: Hidemaro Fujibayashi. Other games he’s directed: The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords and… wait for it… The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap (aka my favorite 2D Zelda ever)! Eiji Aonuma, the go-to console director of late, is great. But I’m anxious to see where Fujibayashi takes the series, even if the graphics aren’t ...

Pop quiz: What was the last Zelda game Miyamoto directed?

And by “directed,” I mean design and/or wrote. Not just “produced,” the oversight role he’s assumed of late. So, what is it?

Zelda discussion: Does Minish Cap control better than A Link to the Past?

Having played both recently, I think it does. And dare I say it, don’t better controls make for a more enjoyable game?

Best map ever?

So says Gaming Bolt. Sadly, I cannot say I played this game. (Don’t ask. 1993 was a bad year for me.)

Nintendo truths: Zelda no. 247

Iron boots are only heavy when you wear them.

These Nintendo characters are getting old

More aging taking place here.

Eji Aonuma speaks about Skyward Sword, talks about Motion Plus, Story, and Design

A Gamespot interview from E3 featuring Eji Aonuma, has him talking about the elements of Skyward Sword and some of the games design. It’s an interesting interview and provides more depth to Skyward sword than what most people already know about the game. How do you guys feel about Skyward Sword and the style they decided to take with the design of the game?

Hands On: Skyward Sword, Beetles, Clovers, Whips… Oh My.

Skyward Sword is the fifth Zelda game since the series jump into the world of Polygonal 3D. While the game is very stylized; it seems to be taking cues from the previous four games. The game play of Ocarina of Time, the fanciful mysterious world of Majora’s Mask, the art shading of Wind Waker, and the unique items of Twilight Princess. When I first started the demo, I have to say I had some ...