Does this Sonic 4 trailer do anything for you?

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CiFKpxq3jtg[/youtube] I missed this video when it released in May. But I heard first-hand accounts from colleagues that the actual game controlled poorly at E3. Too bad Sonic’s past is as checkered as his dirt. It makes it hard for good folks like you and I when deciding whether to give Sega our money or not. Well, sorta. You can always write them off ...

This slick-looking WiiWare game has potential

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RjY3K8CU-vU[/youtube] “Last Flight isn’t a serious action adventure game with a troubled character on his quest to redemption,” says producer Marcin Kawa. ” It’s a parody laughing at all those games. It’s a game that makes fun of all this nonsense found in other so-called serious games. You won’t find anything like t...

New Game Get: Shovelware Galore

A great collection of shovelware titles hits New Game Get this week! Not much to see except for a few games that look decent. So check out a trailer or two and let us know your pick this weeks new game get!

Do you ever finish your downlodable games?

The witty gamers at NeoGAF want to know. I don’t know if anyone can relate, but while I enjoy the downloadable services, I noticed that I rarely complete these games. I usually get me money’s worth in time played and enjoyment but I just don’t get have a sense of urgency with finishing them. Maybe because they’re much cheaper than the usual 60 buck retail release, there is ...

What downloadable Wii game have you enjoyed most?

Can be either WiiWare or Virtual Console. Whatever. So tell me: what has been your favorite downloadable Wii game so far? And if technically not your favorite, what downloadable Wii have you returned to or played the most? As for me, I gotta go World of Goo all the way. Yes, even more than anything else on Virtual Console. Although I have played a lot of Dr. Mario X with the wife.

New Game Get: Long Weekend Edition

Small release list this week! Not a very good week for tangible releases on the Wii and DS, but there are a few gems on the downloadable side. Check out a trailer or two in this weeks new game get!

Wonderful WiiWare: Cave Story [Review]

Sometimes it seems WiiWare is the ultimate showcase of “hit or miss” titles, with offerings ranging from the wildly pointless and stupid, to amazingly inspired and engaging.  I’m proud to say that the Cave Story is the latter, and by far one of the most complete and satisfying WiiWare titles to date. Those familiar with indie gaming on the PC might remember Cave Story as Doukuts...

Nintendo tries “budget” track with Monday releases

This could just be me, but I noticed that Nintendo made it a point to stress some of the titles in this week’s Monday update were “budget” priced and inexpensive at 500 Wii Points apiece. Led me to wonder…no company says anything in a press release that they don’t mean to, so are these titles perhaps not doing as hot because of their pricing? Are developers still comp...

Nintendo: “Games and content are specific to each Wii, not users”

Want to upgrade your Wii to the new black? Then you’ll have to hold on to your old Wii to play previously purchased games, forfeit them altogether, or buy them a second time, Wired reports. “It shows extreme lack of foresight on their part,” says Wii owner Nathan Gillmore. “Did they really think the general public would be content to have all of their purchased content boun...

Review: WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, Essential Companion to the DS Counterpart

First, a disclaimer: before playing WarioWare D.I.Y. Showcase, I had never played a WarioWare game before in my life. However, I have to say that my first experience with this franchise was definately a positive one.

This week in Nintendo downloads

Mega Man 4 and six others coming your way: Virtual Console Mega Man 4 Original platform: NESâ„¢ Publisher: Capcom Players: 1 ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) ”“ Mild Cartoon Violence Price: 500 Wii Pointsâ„¢ Description: A year after the destruction of Gamma and Dr. Wily’s defeat at the hands of Mega Man, the world is still at peace. One day Dr. Light receives a mysterious letter from an unknown sc...

New Game Get checks in with Wario

Fairly quiet week as far as physical releases are concerned, but WiiWare, Virtual Console, and DSiWare sure are hopping.  WarioWare DIY came out yesterday, anyone get it or plan to get the WiiWare showcase title?