Nintendo tries “budget” track with Monday releases

This could just be me, but I noticed that Nintendo made it a point to stress some of the titles in this week’s Monday update were “budget” priced and inexpensive at 500 Wii Points apiece.

Led me to wonder…no company says anything in a press release that they don’t mean to, so are these titles perhaps not doing as hot because of their pricing? Are developers still complaining about online distribution models, as they have done in the past with WiiWare, Xbox Live, etc?

More importantly, are you, the players—the most important part of this queation— dissatisfied with WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console pricing? Obviously no one likes to part with their money, but are you finding that the real quality titles on the service aren’t worth the time and money?

In other news, Bit.Trip Runner hits WiiWare today too for 800 Wii Points. If it plays like the first three Bit.Trip titles, it could very well be worth every penny. Er, point.

8 Responses to Nintendo tries “budget” track with Monday releases

  1. David says:

    I’m really excited for Bit.Trip Runner. It looked great at PAX East. I’m just really curious to see if it’s much more than another Canabalt or Tomena Sanner. (Even if it is, that’s awesome!)

  2. Poochy says:

    I’ve always felt that the NES VC releases could be a little cheaper. I still have my NES connected to my television along with a decent sized library of games. And when I want to play an NES game I don’t have the cartridge to, it’s all too easy to load the rom into my NES Powerpak or the latest emulator. $5 isn’t a lot to ask for for say, Super Mario Bros. 3, but there are also more obscure 8-bit titles available on the service that I’d be more comfortable taking a chance on if they were priced lower.

    It’s also very disappointing that, outside of Sin and Punishment and the release of SMB2j, Nintendo hasn’t made an effort to bring previously unlocalized games such as Earthbound Zero, Devil World, Sweet Home (by Capcom, but still..), the Famicom Detective Club series, etc…or even rare Mario titles like Return of Mario Bros., Mario vs. Wario, and Mario Excitebike.

  3. drwario says:

    “are you … dissatisfied with WiiWare, DSiWare and Virtual Console pricing?”

    completely. nintendo’s download software pricing model sucks — it’s lost in a vicious cycle of denial, insisting to itself that prices can be dictated, top-down, disregarding the desires & financial needs of customers. there is no way for it to compete in a world that includes the App Store. unless it’s completely revamped, and soon, nintendo could be in real trouble.

  4. Jack says:

    @David: I’d be completely satisfied if Bit.Trip Runner was Canabalt set to a beat. That’s be a pretty solid game. Also, people should try out Canabalt if they haven’t already. The web site version is free!

  5. EdEN says:

    Huh, so Runner releases at 200 points more than the first 3? Does this mean that Runner is the start of the next trilogy with added value and thus added price?

  6. Ageman20XX says:

    On the one hand, $5 for some of these games is a really good price, and thus you’d think I’d be inclined to take the chance and buy.

    However, when you browse the DSiWare catalogue and see CLOCKS, CALCULATORS, and NOTEPADS for $2-$5, it really makes me doubt that $5 game over there could be any better in terms of quality, content, or length…

    Maybe it’s the shovelware pricing that’s actually causing the problem?


  7. deepthought says:

    that guy in black looks liek he has a hazmat suit on

    i know what one looks like because the scientists had to wear one when they went into my bathoom

  8. CZsWorld says:

    I really only spend my points on VC games, and DSi games. DSi Ware makes a lot more sense then Wiiware, for fun little games on the fly. If I’m taking time to play a game at home, it’s gonna be physical Wii software.

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